The Top Speaker for less than $500

Looking to get a new pair of speakers. The budget is not amazing but I think there is some good speakers for this prizes.
My top selects are:
PSB B6 or B5
PARADIGM Mini Monitor or Atom

Hope you guys can advice me on what to buy and if someone know second hand or good places to get them it will be perfect.

Hi Moxxo

What are the other equipment will you be using these speakers with? Will you be using a sub? Also what is the size of your room? What musical tastes do you have? To get the most from Audiogon membership details are needed.

From that list I like the PSB speakers.
Think of used Vandersteen 1b or 1c if you're lucky.
Thanks I will put the Vandersteen on the list. I would not mind to get some vintage speakers if they sound great. It's more difficult to find them in great condition but will have a look around.
Many of the new PSB's use a metal dome tweeter; don't like these...too harsh and brittle and bright. Are you using tube or SS amplification?
My set at the moment is a Cambridge audio azur 640A + 640c and a Rega RP1.
You will get a lot of bang for the buck if you are willing to buy used speakers. I recently saw 2 pairs of ADS 710s here for less than $300. It would be very difficult to find a better speaker for that little money.

Nonetheless, if you *must* purchase new, I have read *many* glowing reviews of the Fostex active speakers. Here is a link to get you started:

Keep in mind that having "active" speakers means that you do not need a power amp, you can simply connect your source directly to the speaker inputs. The speakers referenced in the link above are only $399 brand new...

Its a small room nothing big. I don't have a sub at the moment. My musical taste is a little bit mixed it can go from Indie music, rock to jazz but will say that Indie will be the more played. I want to use the speakers only with my 640A Azur and Rega RP1.
Forgot to mention that I got a Project Phono Box SE MkII Phono Stage.
Thanks for the help.
For $600-$700 (used), you can get Spendor S3/5 SE's. WONDERFUL small monitor speakers, & truly "high end". You can use them with more budget components, & they'll sound good, but pair them with really high quality amp & preamp, or integrated, & you won't believe the sound you're getting out of such small, affordable, speakers.....
Hi Steveaudio,
Thanks for the tip. The Spendor S3/5 SE's sounds like a solid option but can't go over $500 so it will be hard.

Other options that I'm locking now
USED, Rega RS1 VS Epos Epic 2
NEW, Monitor Audio BX2 VS the Dali Zensor 1
Look at the NHT series. Sold direct.
A ridiculous good buy at $220 from Vanns are the Energy RC10 . Original list is $600. See review in Soundstage .

The Vandersteens mentioned earlier are a great buy if you are looking for floorstand speakers. I bought a used pair in great shape for $375 a couple years ago.
For bookshelf speakers look at Polk Audio Lsi7. You can get a refurbed pair on ebay for less than $400. I bought a pair and could not find any reason to think they weren't new.
I would purchase the Von Schweikert VR-1s currently listed for $500 and wouldn't look back.
Thanks for all the help. End up getting a pair of BX5 because of the price $250. Have seen a pair of Silverline Audio SR 12 today on the Audiogon that made me think twice.
A second hand pair of SPICA TC-50s
That was quick. Was about to suggest Dali Zensor 1.
I second the motion for the von schweikert vr-1s. also, Wharfedale diamond 10.1 or 9.1 if you can find them. Used Quad 12L2. Used Totem model 1 or Rainmaker.
You might be able to pick up a pair of newly factory refurbished and upgraded OHM Ls for close to that at

Or a used pair of OHM Walsh 2s, or 3s and maybe even 4s have a lot of bigger speaker sound to offer and might be had for that amount either here on occasion or regularly on ebay.
You can put my vote down for the PSBs. Great speakers for the money. Also consider NHT Classic 3. They are going for considerable discounts these days, and sound very good.
Behringer B1031A Truth Monitor. A pair of powered 8" monitors for $400. Well designed, well balanced, smooth on and off axis response.

Behringer B2031A 7" active monitors, even better accuracy than the B1031.

And if you don't want active, the B2031P is the passive version.

Pioneer also has some well thought out monitors, using waveguide loaded domes.