The times have savaged my system

I have sold just about all my components to keep things afloat at home and build a bit of a cushion in these uncertain times. I love music and allotted myself $1000.00 budget for speakers and an Int. amp to keep my sanity! Used equipment preferred. Any input from you fellow audiogoner’s is appreciated.

Items I have now:

Toshiba SD-K770 fully modified by response audio
Rega p1 TT

I love guitar driven rock and jazz. Ideas and suggestions welcome. Space is limited and placement of speakers has limitations (close to the wall) I would say nearfield listing and I do tend to turn up the volume.
Sorry guys, Wanted to credit Reference Audio Mods for the Toshiba modification.
How about something like used Klipsch Chorus or Forte, or Large Advent loudspeakers with a vintage Marantz receiver?

A combo should run you around $1000 based on prices I've seen on Audiogon.
I think Tvad is right on the mark. Both great pieces, and you should have change left over for cables etc.
A vintage Yamaha cr-420 receiver can be had for much less used I would think and has clean low distortion sound about as good as any I have heard on any comparable vintage piece.

The phono section is simply incredible on this unit!

It replaced a vintage Tandberg TR2080 that I sold for almost $500 a year or two back and is in the same league in regards to overall sound quality, though lower on watts.

It has very low distortion that makes it sound like a high end piece and would team nicely with a pair of vintage Klipsch Forte's as suggested, I would think.

I use one that I picked up for a scant $50 on Ebay. I cleaned it up thouroughly inside and out myself in a day so it looks like new.

I use it with absolutely no second thoughts in my second 2 channel A/V system driving a pair of Triangle Titus 202s with an older powered M&K sub.

The Marantz is good also but a different kind of sound and you will pay a bit of a premium for the name.
The Marantz is good also but a different kind of sound and you will pay a bit of a premium for the name.
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Marantz gear sells for more (as does vintage Pioneer, Sansui and McIntosh) because the market for vintage gear from these companies is robust, as evidenced by the higher prices these components demand.

Vintage gear from Yamaha was excellent, as was gear from Kenwood.
You could also try a single driver speaker like those offered by Fritz ( here on Audiogon.
There's a Yamaha CR-1020 receiver on sale on A'Gon right now. I have owned one since 1979 and can tell you this is a terrific unit. It was built when Yamaha was at top of their game.
My first receiver was a Yamaha DSP-something(forgotten the model) and can attest to most comments here on the excellent sound quality. It can rival many integrateds costing twice its used price in terms of build and sound quality. If building a cheap system, the receiver is a real bargain and good value. I bought the Yamaha amp a decade ago for $600 brand new and sold it off for a song ($100) a few years later. You can probably pick one up around that price, or less.