The Theta Pro Gen VIIIs are now shipping has

anyone heard it and how does it compare to the other dac and cdps out there?
Guess nobody's heard it
Thanks anyway

can´t help you but same question here because I own the DSPro Gen Va.

How much is a Gen VIII in the USA and how much is the "update" (exchange rather, I learned) from V to VIII?

I´m also interested in other countrie´s prices, eurozone especially. The German importer is asking astronomical sums.

Thank you,

Its the best Dac out there period! might be product of the year!!
In the now, age of uncertainty and with all the new great sounding, Inexpensive DACs, It's a no brainer???????

If you have a money tree outside your home or Froot Loops for brains, go for it.

Price has yet to be announced as they are still counting HE_HE

PS some of the options are over 3K I hear.

2007 ad in AudiogoN

Theata Pro Gen VIII with all options, mint.

Origional price 16,000.00 plus

600.00 or best offer.
Glad I sold my Gen Va. Looks like the upgrade path to the Gen VIII is going to cost thousands. Dennisj you are so right on it isn't even funny.
dennis you don't know what your talking about the gen VIII dac is incrediable!

I never said it sucked, and It may well be close to the best you can get.

But, within a year you will probably be able to buy a DAC with equal performance for a whole lot less. My point was that this is not the time to dump big $$$$$$ on any Dac.
does anyone know the cost to upgrade a Gen Va to a Gen VIII?
Your mileage may vary but I sold my Va 96/24 for almost the same as I paid for Enkeinthis.---Not in the same league--to me. Theta has just spent to much attention on HT;and toooo much time has passed. Unless your setup is already better than Albert's-- da dut,da dut!