The Tannoy Speaker Line - worth a serious look ?

......they have been around a long time.....they do have a following and if they have been around THIS long, they have to be doing something right. I have been reading some reviews on the Tannoy DC10A's.... So, any imput would be appreacited, how are the US dealers, how are repairs handled, are they ones that I could live with a long time.... Your thoughts
Tannoy has made many different models of speakers over the years, and it's hard to lump them all together. The different versions of their dual concentric driver have similar, if not identical, sound and imaging characteristics.

I have owned three pair of Tannoy speakers over the years, and still have a pair of original Stirlings that I use in my den. They have a very unique sound that is hard to describe. You have to hear them, in your room and with your gear in order to decide if they are for you. I love them for jazz, acoustic instruments and especially female vocals. I would describe their qualities as warm, lush, fairly (but not overly) detailed and very musical. The imaging from the point source drivers is second to none, IMO. But if you are looking for big bass, super detail or high SPL you should look elsewhere.

Tannoy says that the larger models and the Prestige line need 30W - 60W power, and tubes are generally considered to be the way to go. Not to argue with conventional wisdom, but in my room my Stirlings sound better and have much better bass control with a current (or high current) SS amp, coupled with a good tube preamp.

Regarding the Tannoy DC10A - I haven't heard them. Frankly, I wouldn't spend $22K+ on a Chinese-made speaker, but that's just me. I would take 1/4-1/3 of that money and buy a good used pair of one of the Prestige models. 10", 12" or 15" drivers will depend on your room and your budget. Put the rest of the money into the rest of your system or (gasp!) the bank. Just my opinion...
Thank you for your response. The Tannoy DC10a are not being made in China according to Tannoy and a are trying to correct the 6 Moons Audio Review. I also belive that they are reatil for $16,000....
Well of course they are worthy of consideration. I have a pair of one of Tannoys worst speakers the 1980s DC2000 which have the coaxial later gold series driver. I have not resold them for a variety of reasons but mainly believe or not because I don't want to foist this terrible sounding speaker on anyone else.
That said I think they are the exception and not the rule. If their rolled off treble and muffled bass articulation are even carried by any of their other products then forget them, but I find it hard to believe Tannoy doesn't deserve the mountains of praise that's been heaped on them over the years.
Tannoy Dealer Disclaimer****

The Definition Series speakers (along with the Prestige Series) are NOT made in China.

The new DC10a is a very good speaker. Very, very similar to the Kensington SE in a more modern style cabinet. It's a pretty speaker to look at, and sounds great.
TAnnoy is a unique breed. Definitely worth a serious look.
Not really, as for the sound they produce, they are not a good value. My first speaker was a Tannoy, and it did sound great. Fast forward fifty years and technology has passed Tannoy by in many ways. I do return to listening to Tannoy's from time to time, hoping they have recaptured their past glory, but so far, no. As for the China thing, its the sound thing, not their country of origin. If you believe otherwise, 90% of hi end equipment would be trash.
''As for the China thing, its the sound thing, not their country of origin. If you believe otherwise, 90% of hi end equipment would be trash.''
Not sure what this means Mr. Buconero - please elaborate
The large Tannoy dual-concentric loudspeakers are the best money can buy IME.
I have to agree with Jay. Tannoy is hard to beat!
The Tannoy DC10a are not being made in China according to Tannoy and a are trying to correct the 6 Moons Audio Review.

If they are not made in China, then where are they now manufactured? I was in Scotland recently and drove by the old Tannoy site outside of Glasgow and the factory building certainly looked closed and unused. Maybe in Canada?

Ted, my problem with Chinese manufacturing isn't so much a quality issue as a quality control and resale value issue. For inexpensive/high value products, no problem. But whether you like it or not, goods manufactured in the PRC typically do not maintain the same resale value as similar goods manufactured in Europe, N. America or Japan. It's a perception issue and maybe it's unfair, but it happens and IMO is one factor for consideration when one is contemplating spending relatively high $$$ for new audio gear.
More music comes out of a good Tannoy than almost any "audiophile" brand. Take a look at how long (often measured in decades) home music lovers keep them, and how many studios still stick with them. You have to listen to a few different models, hopefully set up well.

In comparison, most other speakers sound like a bunch of drivers thrown into a box while hoping for the best.
Yes! Unless you have a huge room, please listen to the Definition DC10T. It is a winner in every way.