the table or the arm first?


What is more important if one needs to choose between an excelent table with an standard arm, or a fine table with an excelent arm/cart?

I am asking this because I am standing in that position now, with the opportunity to buy an excellent table nut no money left to get more than an RB300, or upgrading my VPI HWMkIV and fit a serious arm like a Morch or SME.

You advise and guidance will be very valuable.

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There isn't really enough information here. But if you have a good deal, then take it. You can always upgrade the arm later when you have more money.
Smokester is right, I think, in suggesting that you put priority on the table, not the arm.

My first good source was planned the other way round, with a great arm and cartridge (for the time) and a limited table. I think it was the wrong wayto go. For one thing, it is the table's energy that provides the music, moving the groove past the stylus, and no fine arm can compensate if that energy is not clean.

I would like to add that the Rega RB300 needs no apology. It is a really good arm, and with tweaks it is giant-killer. I use one on my Linn LP12 Lingo, tweaked with Cardas wiring and an Expressimo Heavy Weight. The cartridge is a Cardas Heart Reference, which retails at $2195, and it is not slumming.

I will upgrade the Rega the day I get into the super cartridge league. For now I'm very happy.
FWIW, I put my order of importance is table first, then arm, then cartridge. Cheers
What they said. This has been discussed many times here. While a few people disagree the large majority favor the hierarchy mentioned by Gregm. Without stable rotational speed and good resonance control, the arm (and cartridge) cannot do their jobs effectively.
Agreed. If you can get a good deal on a great table, go for it. I use a 250, but have a 300 too. I don't think you could go wrong with either. But, since you have a choice, go with the 250. There is more room for inexpensive improvements, i.e. cheap tweaks!
Dear Flg2001: You TT is a good one that if you go for an upgrade, then you can have an exellent TT. In this way you can put your money in a best cartridge/tonearm combo, that is where the music belongs.
Regards and always enjoy the music.
Thanks everyone for your feedback, looks like the RB300 is quite a good piece of gear for me to think of something else in the short term, maybe a safe route would be to upgrade the VPI with a SAMA and-or SDI, bring-in a solid plattform on top of my Boltz rack (Nuance?) and live happy.

I´ll let you know the results.

I slightly misread your post. The RB300 is a good arm. I had one on a Rega P3 and was quite satisfied although the Koetsu Black cartridge I was using didn't hurt, either.

What table are you contemplating buying?
I was thinking on an Avid Volvere, Notingham Spacedeck or Acoustic Solid.
The more expensive the arm, the better it sounds. But why?
If we look at Rega arms, the big difference is in the bearings. They test hundreds of bearings. One out of a hundred is perfect. This goes into their expensive arms.
What's first....steering wheel or brakes?
I went from a Michell badged RB-250 with Incognito wire, to an Audiomod Classic 4, with Incognito wire.  Was like going from a P-51 to an F-18, and they cost the same. It is not recommended to use unipivots on Avid's--not compatible with their design.
What's first....steering wheel or brakes?
Neither - frame, engine, suspension. 

Assuming the HW19-IV is in good working order, it is a perfectly fine table and would justify using a really good arm.  I would opt for a very good arm.  If the belt on the table is old, a replacement belt would also be a good investment.