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I read many great reviews of Ayre components individually (including their amps, pre-amps, integrated amp, phono stage, and CD / universal players) but don't see many complete Ayre systems listed here on the 'gon. I would think there would be advantage to a complete Ayre system that is more than just a sum of the components. Sure, it ends the journey abruptly, but for some, that may not be a bad thing. Who has bought the "whole widget", found it not to be to their liking, and decided to go back to "mix-n-match" (with success)?
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I love my Ayre system. From my two sources (D-1xe for DVD & C-5xe for music) to my preamp (K-5xe) to my new MX-R monoblocks (which replaced my V-5xe), I'm Ayre through and through. Even my interconnects are Ayre signatures. As soon as my Ayre speaker cables get here, only my Vandersteen 5As will be from outside the fold. Each time I have replaced a third party product for the Ayre piece, the system has just gotten better to my ears. If you like what Ayre does, then more does provide synergies in the same direction. Until more of Charlie Hansen's "R" products come out (e.g. KX-R preamp), I'm basically done.
I'm using the P-5xe phonostage and K-1xe preamp. I have heard these two with both the V-1xe and MX-R amps and with the C-5xe CDP. I agree with Proth, the all Ayre systems are great. I want the MX-r amps but worry wether they have enough power for my Thiel CS7.2 speakers. I love the C-5xe but dont listen to CDs enough to justify the money on a new digital source.
"I want the MX-r amps but worry wether they have enough power for my Thiel CS7.2 speakers."

I had a short audition with the MX-Rs driving Thiels 7.2 a couple of months ago (not that I can afford either of them!). In the 20 minutes or so I spent with them, I thought it was probably the best system I had ever heard. I played some Richard Thompson to memorable effect. I'll comfortably say it had the most "presence" I've ever experienced. I can't imagine the MX-Rs don't have enough balls to drive the Thiels to insane SPLs (though I certainly didn't push them to crazy levels with Led Zeppelin). I see you are using JC-1s, which are said to be very powerful and excellent sounding. Only you can say whether the MX-Rs are better.

To the point of this thread, I started my high-end journey with an AX-7 after hearing how close it came to the sound of Ayre separates at a price within my budget. As I continued to upgrade my mid-fi system, it seemed a no brainer to get the CX-7. More recently, I got a killer deal on a used P-5x. I don't have much expereince "mixing and matching" high-end components other than what I've heard at dealers. All I can say is that my nearly all Ayre system is really singing, especially with my brand new Vandy 2ce Sig IIs which gets my vote for "most-highly-insane-screaming-deal" in audio. I never thought I'd have a system that sounds this good in my home!
I'm glad to hear the MX-rs were so nice with the 7.2s. I have heard the new Ayre amps on several occasions with the 2.4s and Thiel subwoofers with all ayre gear and the system is great. So great I bought the K-1xe and P-5xe. The MX-Rs are on my very short list for amps to replace my JC-1s.
Thanks for the insights!

The reason I started this thread is because I'm looking to build a "simpler" system that helps me focus on what matters - the music. I used to have an all-tube point-to-point wired system, and I *loved* the sound. But being a geek, I could never leave things alone. I always listened to the *system* (and wondered if my tubes were in need of replacing, if a different set of NOS tubes would bring me nirvana, etc.) rather than listening to the *music*.

So, I am wondering if an all-Ayre system would be an ideal solution for me. From the responses I've read here, I think I at least owe one a listen. While I'd like K-5xe / V-5xe / P-5xe / Vandersteen Quatro combo, an AX-7e / CX-7e / P-5xe combo (along with Vandersteen 2ce Sig IIs) may be more realistic.

A couple more questions:

1) What's the list price of Ayre balanced interconnects and speaker cables?

2) Has anyone had Ayre mod their AX-7e so they could use a pair of Vandersteen 2Wq subs with their integrated?
I have heard the 5 series gear you list with the Quatros and VPI Scoutmaster/Dynavector cartridge and the sound is VERY GOOD. have also heard the CX-7e/AX-7e with speakers from Totem and Thiel. Both were also very nice.
After what Rufipennis said about the MX-rs driving the big Thiels I got to wondering, and went ahead and ordered the V-1XE amp to see how it compares to the Parasounds.
"AX-7e / CX-7e / P-5xe combo (along with Vandersteen 2ce Sig IIs)"

That's pretty much my system. I'm really happy with it (though the Sigs are still breaking in and I need to bi-wire). I'm thinking I'm almost done. I'd like to upgrade some of my cabling and, maybe, add the line conditioner, but I could live with this set-up for a long, long time. I suppose if I win the lottery I might look to upgrade (and I'd probably start my search further up the Ayre and Vandersteen lines).
While I obviously can't know what Mcrheist experienced or didn't, I can honestly say that I have never had customer service with any company that compares with Ayre, whether Charlie, Michael or Steve. Everyone at Ayre has always been more than generous with their time for me and my questions, even back when I only had a K-5x (pre "e" upgrade). Always satisfied.
My experience in dealing with Ayre has been the same as Proth. Nothing but good.
Well I have been spinning vinyl all morning using a pretty much all but source Ayre system.
VPI Super scoutmaster/Dynavector XX2 cartridge
Ayre P-5XE phonostage
Ayre K-1XE preamp
Ayre V-1XE amp
Thiel CS7.2 speakers
All Audioquest balanced Panthers and Mont Blanc speaker cables.
This system is the best I have heard it. So smooth. So detailed. Very easy on the ears. Huge, deep sound stage. Effortless is the best way I can describe it. I am going to sell the Parasounds and use the V-1xe until I can afford the MX-R amps from Ayre.
I'll ask these again to bounce the thread to the top:

1) What's the list price of Ayre balanced interconnects and speaker cables?

2) Has anyone had Ayre mod their AX-7e so they could use a pair of Vandersteen 2Wq subs with their integrated?
You should be able to get the MSRP from your dealer or simply call either Steve or Michael at Ayre directly (303.442.7300 x-233 for Steve or x-223 for Michael). The prices depend entirely on the length. From memory, however, the first meter of the Signature IC is $950, with $250 per half-meter thereafter. I know a 1 meter pair of the speaker cable is $1250 (a short length, but one reason for monoblocks is to keep speaker cables really short), and it may again be $250 a half meter on top of that.

In my opinion Ayre and Vandersteen have a real synergy. I know from prior discussions that several customers have had Ayre modify the AX-7e at the factory to mate with Vandersteens by internally inserting the necessary resistors to roll-off the base the same way Vandersteen's external crossover does. I don't know the cost, but I assume it is fair and I'm sure the results are great.

Good luck. - Pete -
Dont know the answer to #2, but the the cables are $900.00 a pr. for 1M $1200.00 for 1.5M. I talked to Ayre thursday so this should be current. I have tried all Cardas Golden Ref. and Golden Cross. Didnt like either by them self or combos of the two at all. Also a variety of different Audioquest and other combos and the Audioquest Panthers run balanced everywhere but between the Pre and amp where I am using Audioquest Cheetahs has made me the happiest. Speakers cables are the Mont Blancs for now but will go to the Volcanos soon.
"In my opinion Ayre and Vandersteen have a real synergy."

This also is my opinion, though other speakers I've heard with Ayre sound pretty good, too. I've heard this from other people whose opinion I respect. This greatly influenced my decision to get the Sig IIs.
Thanks for the responses. I haven't contactly my local dealer becasue 1) I haven't decided if I'll buy new or used (and won't waste a local dealer's time if I don't intend to purchase from a local retailer), and 2) I refuse to purchase from the local Ayre retailer (a personal friend had a bad experience there with a turntable / arm / cart purchase). When it's time to pull the trigger, I'll travel to the 2nd closest Ayre dealer (which is 5 hours away). One positive thing about that inconvienence is that they also cary Vandersteen (and I often fly in to that city on business).

I've noticed the V-5xe and K-5xe move *very* quickly here on the 'gon. If hesitate, you won't get the goods. IMHO, that also speaks highly for Ayre equipment. You never see Ayre interconnects up for sale - Is that just because there aren't that many in circulation?
I have had the chance to spend some time in front of a system of CX-7E > K-5XE > V-5XE > Quatro. This is an awesome system that is so musical and listenable. Cables were JPS (not sure which) from start to finsh. Two others I have heard that consist of Ayre & Thiel that I like even more have been my system I'm using now, and also one that uses the C-5XE > K-1XE > MX-R amps > Thiel 2.4.
The Ayre gear and either of these speaker lines (Thiel or Vandersteen) are both very good together. Not sure about other lines but if your using the Thiel or vandersteens the Ayre stuff should be on your list for gear to put in front of them. I can also agree with one of the above posters about everytime I have added another piece of Ayre into the chain things have gotten much better. the amps are the most noticable as far as finalizing the added touches of warmth and smoothness to my system.
If there were no MX-Rs made I would stay with the Ayre V-1XE and not even think about another amp in my system. But knowing how much my CS7.2s love power, I know they will get better with the monoblocks.
I have heard the V-1XE and MX-Rs side by side with the 2.4s and they are in a different league on all fronts over the already great V-1XE. This is coming from someone who has never had an all SS system until now.(and never thought I could live with one)
I have Ayre CX-7e connected to Plinius 9200 integrated amp and these drive Totem Forrest. I wish that Ayre can offer integrated amp with high power. I need 200wpc, not 65wpc that Ayre has.
Hvu, If you could use seperates I think the K3/V3 combo (even though rated at 100wpc) would drive your Totems fine. These can be found pretty cheap used.
Ayre works wonderfully as a system...I have:
Ayre speaker cables for 3 monoblocks...with ayre interconnects...and D1xe...great combination...I was very surprized how nice the speaker cables only disappointment was the Ayre power cable...with the Ayre L5xe power conditioner...otherwise great system...also worked nicely with Ayre K5xe preamp...and they are great folks...

Here's some news.. I have an all Ayre system with Vandersteen 5A's, and without a doubt, the Ayre cables, and Cardas cables are NOT a good match for the system. I had the 1st itteration of Ayre cables and then got the 2nd. I used it but then tried Anti-Cables.REAL CHEAP and absolutely wonderful are the Anti-Cables. NO LIE. They offer a money back guarantee if you don't like them. I am all Anti-Cables for wire..their balanced interconnect, and speaker cables. I have my V1xe between the 2 Vandersteens and have a long balanced interconnect from the K1xe. I'm happy.
I guess I should bring this thread back full circle...

I went with the Ayre AX-7e / CX-7e / P-5xe combo, but decided to go with a pair of Green Mountain Audio Callisto speakers. I was afraid that my room would be too small for a pair of Vandersteen 2ce Sig IIs.

After getting my room treated with sound panels and my equipment in my room, I was both right and wrong. The Vandersteen 2ce Sig IIs wouldn't have been too large for my room, but would have loaded the room in a bad way (particularly given my placement constraints). A pair of Martin Logan Dynamo subs run 90-degrees out-of-phase gives me a very smooth and extended low end.

I think my system / setup is a good example of what is possible in a challenged room. Plus, I think there is an inherent synergy between the GMA Callistos (balanced-phase first-order crossover design, sound field convergence capability, etc.) and the Ayre AX-7e / Ayre CX-7e / Ayre P-5xe (fully balanced circuitry, zero-feedback design, and focus on the power supplies). Also, I’m pleased with the sliver-plated copper in my Purist cables, and my XLR-terminated Origin Live Silver tone arm (although I need *many* more hours on my analog front-end to catch up to my digital front end).

But I digress...
Very nice.

So, who's your guitar hero?

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