The Swell Season - Refreshing DVD Concert

If you enjoy the Cowboy Junkies Trinity Revisited DVD, then you should check out the �Swell Season Live from the Artists Den.� This is one of those DVD concerts that was very well produced, as is the Trinity Revisited DVD. Too many DVDs sound compressed, but this one has very good sound quality. The music is acoustic and mellow and the vocal harmonies are entrancing. This is an intimate performance recorded in, what I believe was/is a small church. While less bluesy than the Cowboy Junkies, this group is sweetly melodic. I bought it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised.
Thanks for the recommendation. I absolutely love Trinity Revisited for both quality of sound and vision

Mcondo, let me know what you think. Remember, it's not as bluesy as Trinity Revised, but it is a wonderfully melodic performance and well recorded.

Finally had a chance to watch this show - I can see how many would enjoy the laid-back, almost sweet songs and arrangements. A little too Amos Lee-like for my tastes, as I prefer a more robust band. Sound quality was good for a DVD, but the acoustical bias won't really test a good system. I would not put this performance in the same category as Trinity Revisited, but the Cowboys have been playing together for 20 years and had the resources to produce a truly outstanding sound and visual performance - and you can't get Margo out of your mind after seeing her perform.
What the hey! Chicks dig it!! You can pull it out for special occasions!! Anyway…I can say to anyone who appreciates a variety of genres, this really is a great DVD concert that truly is every bit as much in the same league as the Trinity Sessions Revisited. However, that may not be the best comparison. Just call it very refreshing!