The Sutherland Ph. D. vs ARC Ph-3

I have a full blown LP-12, with PH-3 and LS-15. I was thinking of getting a new table but received a suggestion about the phono stage instead. I welcome all feedback. Thanks
The sutherland would be a lot better than the PH3. I have heard the PH5 and PHD and they are both very good abeit different.

The new ARC PH5 has a nice slight upper bass bloom with very good extension top to bottom. sounds a LOT better than the PH3. loading and mono are a breeeze with the remote.
PHD is more pure sounding and extremely quiet, but can be a little slow with microdynamics better on the PH5.
The sonic(s)you describe with the PH 5, I believe I achieved when I replaced the Sovtek 6922's with Tungsram 6922/E88CC quite awhile ago. Thoughts?
Xagwell makes a valid point regarding trying different NOS tubes.These can have a profound effect on perceived performance.I've gone through a vast majority of these and found the Amperex/Siemens/Ediswans to be the best.NOS tubes can be pricey,but alot cheaper than a new component.Something you don't really need,as your current stuff seems just fine.

Ok, my ARC PH 3 with the Tungsram 6922's is holding it's own. But let's kick it up a notch. I have Manley Neo 250 mono's and have been thinking about the Steelhead. I think the Sutherland would be a more lateral move. The Steelhead could be a real upgrade. Thoughts?