The survival of the fittest.

I am constantly surprised at the vast number of speaker manufacturers. But many fall by the wayside. Plenty of reasons why they fail, but more interested in why certain makers continue to succeed.

Fit and Finish
Product availability
New technology
Manufacture association
Profit margin

I realize most of these in combination contribute but if you had to rank them my money is on the marketing and fit/finish, in that order with sound holding up the rear. Thoughts?
Which leads back to fit and finish. The speaker may still sound golden but if the MDF is crumbly and the vinyl blistering; going to be a detriment to success. Some companies, like OHM, have a trade in policy to mitigate cosmetic degradation. And possibly allow audio advancements. 
You know I was a got to have them TEKTON'S guy, but then I sat down and started to think to my self. Lets look at them parts of the whole speaker and are the drivers not made by TEKTON. so who makes them? would they be made by Eminence? then I said to my self  do you remember the ad's that Acoustic Research would put in stereo review that would show you their Anechoic Chamber and all the testing they put into their design of the AR 9'S and they manufactured their own drivers. when a manufacture source's out their drivers,and when that driver is not made anymore you start to have the same problem Paul Klipsch had with his suppler EV  and EV had been on the seen for years!!, So Klipsch started with Stephens Trusonic drivers then switched to University then he started using E.V. You have a LOT of people on the sites today that are looking for replacement drivers after they found out that the driver is not made anymore, now i'm not saying that Eminence may not keep up with production of the driver for any Tekton model, but I will say is this what ever model you do purchase MAKE SURE YOU PURCHASE YOU SPARE WOOFER OR TWEETER after that major purchase, in case that voice coil has a open. I remember when Eminence use to make car speaker and I would see the drivers on the ground at flea markets and could buy a 15" woofer for $35.00 and I did notice one of Tektons model had change one of the woofers and that was a no no sign to me.
i must confess to knowing Richard Vandersteen in 1982 ( Firm found. in 1977 ) and a friend since 2010 or so....

DRIVE, love of music, stubbornness, frugality, innovation ( look at the list of patents and as important trade secrets ...), investment in test gear, real science, listening, live music as a reference, no debt, vertical integration, etc.....

and not being satisfied......