The superawesome sub from ADIRE : BRAHMA

i just checked the search in speakers for ADIRE...seems no one mentioned this ADIRE AUDIO sub driver which they have appropriately called BRAHMA...the name fits...they have a 10,12,15 and a real live MONSTER a EIGHTEEN INCH...should keep the neighbors up..i got the tip on this sub from a friend after i bragged about the FOCALWX13...take a good look at the side view of the brahma 12...the magnet..WOW!!! as well they offer a super 500 watt watt sub amp the HS500..what tops it all is the super price for the quality of the products...adire

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I also was told by someone about Adire and purchased their Dharman sub for my home theater. What a difference from an older (POS)Infinity 150w sub. It is very musical and goes very well with my Joseph Rm7 signature II's for two channel. I don't know how it compares to any other subs as I have not bothered to try to compare. Seems it would be impossible unless I did a side by side at home.