The Super Analog Swan Lake

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The King of Swan Lake

This LP (Swan Lake King Super Analogue K38C-70030) which is still available new from Acoustic Sounds is a re-issue of one of the first titles that King Japan Super Analogue Disk did back in the mid 1990's. It was supervised by King Super Analog and engineered and mastered all the way by them but was pressed at RTI and supervised by one of their engineers. It says that the mastering was in Japan but the LP was made and pressed in the USA at RTI and pressed by Rick Hashimoto so they King (CISCO) must have followed it all the way through.

So be advised that these LP's are super flat and noise free just as you would expect from a Japanese pressing. If I had not looked at the inner insert and read what it said in the small box I would have assumed that it was the first issue or pressing but it is not.

This recording conducted by Anatole Fistoulari of Tchaikovsky’s "Swan Lake” is one of the very best ever recorded. I must quote "the rhythms flexible, but this is real ballet conducting, making this the finest "Swan Lake" in the DECCA catalog, particularly as the Decca recording is in the company's highest class of both richness and transparency".

The sound of this LP is amongst the best that King has ever done on classical LP re-issue. The sound is comparable to the "Sibelius #2" with Montuex that Decca recorded (London Stereo Treasury STS 1598) and was released in the USA as an RCA "Living Stereo LSC 2342" (still available as a Classic Records LP if you look around for it) and the Tchaikovsky #6 released on Decca and re-issued as a King Super Analogue Disk KIJC-9005 conducted by Martinon with the Vienna Philharmonic.

The sound is full bodied, warm and has a great sense of acoustic space having been recorded in Amsterdam with the Concertgebouw. The selected highlights of this LP cannot and could not be any better. The first side of the LP is just the beginning and what a beginning. Everything is in its place and the staging is spread wide and has incredible height.

Side 2 being the most powerful sections of the music will have you on edge. The battery of percussion and bass drum in the finale of side two will win you over as the music, the sound and the performance meet and become one on this fantastic LP.

This is one of two LP's of what I believe are the two most important and best sounding of any classical re-issues or classical LP's in general. That I have heard in the past year (and I have heard many). I recommend this recording highly for sound and performance. If you have a good system this will make it sound like a great one. Can one say anymore? One of the greatest recordings in the Decca catalog.

Not to be missed, get it while you still can as it is only available in limited numbers at this time in March of 2012.

Four out of four!

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