The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth

Has anybody heard this album? I think it should be up for new rock album of the year. It really is nice to hear something from this side of the pond that shines and push's forward. The drum work has realy improved over the last two Strokes albums. Tracks like On The Other Side and You Only Live Once will be destined to become classics.
I do like the strokes also. I found them on my kids ipods and put them on mine. I dont know what albums the songs came from but also some live material. Kind of reminds me of the clash. Good group for someone that likes the 80's english alt. Good music.
It is a great album. I caught them on tour last year at NATION in Washington DC. I was surprised how good they really were. I dig em..

Good for some people, nothing more.
Heard 100'000 times on other forms...
All you forget in 2-3 years...
Personally I think they've never really developed their sound nor their writing.

I liked the debut a lot and they were terrific live around that time but the last two albums haven't done much for me at all.