The strangest looking gear you've ever seen??

This should be a fun aesthetic tour! What is some of the most strange, ugly, or downright tacky looking high-end equipment you've come across?
I'll start this one off - with the Perreaux 200 Classic. Haven't heard it, but even if it sounds great, I don't think I could live with it. It looks like someone clamped a big chrome dogbone on the front of it :)
Your nominations?
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I don't want to upset anyone, but I'll have to nominate VAC. All that gold is just gaudy. I do love the way they sound, but I could never live with them (my wife wouldn't allow it either). Specifically speaking of the Renaissance Preamplifier and the 30/30 mk III amp. I've heard they put all the gold on because that's the popular look in the Far East, but in the USA, I feel only a rap star could love that 'bling-blinging' look. Sorry if I offended anyone.

BTW, their new PHI Series is actually stranger looking, not as tacky, more of a laboratory look. Have a look:
That's a strong nominee :) And gold finishes do indeed move more equipment in Asia.
As much as I love Sonic Frontiers equipment, I even questioned their choice of offering a gold finish as an option. But some people just plain dig it. Not me, my Line 1SE is black. No bling-bling in my rack......
Take a look at this site:
I find that this beats almost everything else when it comes to strange, as in highly unusual, looks:
What a great site. ... and I thought my speakers were a bit weird.

When my speakers were first introduced, I thought that I would never buy such a strange speaker. (Even the manufacturer agreed that the WAF factor was terrible.) But, after hearing them, the sound quality won me over. Now, I actually like the strangeness and still use them (now actively biamped) for almost a dozen. -- B&W800's

JmC- Love the look of the Phis. Too bad I can't afford it. Very mad scientist. Can't you just see Boris Karloff (or maybe GEne Wilder) crying "It's alive, it's alive"?
VAC does fit the strange bill. But how about the Wavestream V-8? I hope it sounds good, but it's downright ugly.
Anything with those dimly burning light bulbs on the inside and in some cases on the outside. I just can't figure out what the bulbs are for. They don't burn bright enough to be useful for reading and the unusual locations sometimes requires uncomfortable reading positions. I also can't figure out why in some applications it is important to light the inside of the product.
Hey Doug, that's easy!!! It's because bad soundwaves can't see very well. The dimly burning bulbs only allow the good soundwaves to find their way out of the equipment. The bad soundwaves will eventually accumulate, so you have to remember to empty them every so often. (grin)
I'd like to add Edge (strangely named, too) and Avantgarde (appropriately named, too).
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