The story of Grado Labs

Hi everyone-

I just wrote a story about the Grado Labs family, including an interview with Jonathan Grado and some great photos of their making process.

Please let me know what you think!
I don't believe that's a story.
I think it's an ad.
Very interesting and well written. Thanks.
Yes, Grado is known for their headphones. But they made their name with phono cartridges, so why the headphone title and why not post this in Analog? I haven't read it yet if that is explained.

Not picking on you Lizziemakes but there seems to have been several posts not under the appropriate category lately.

Check this out!
That brought back memories... I walked thrrough that door for an interview back in 1984 (didn't get it). same building, same door (different grafetti). Pretty cool. My first forray into to the high end was a Grado cartridge. all my friends where running pickering and I had the one from JG. fun times.