The Stones' Bigger Bang

I was fairly appalled to see that there have been threads on this site in the past few days about such worthy topics as Bob Denver's passing, but no posts about the Stone's first studio album in nearly eight years.

So, given that this is site is populated by music lovers (as opposed to equipment geeks who have to be reminded about music), let's hear it. Who has spun the new album and what do you think? I think there are five or six good to very good songs on it, and one great song (the blues tune "Back of My Hand"). I think the much-hyped "Streets of Love" is the worst song on the album -- overproduced crap that sounds like Jagger's mostly awful solo albums.

Overall, an honest album and fair contribution to what is, in my opinion, the most distinguished (and by far, deepest) catalog in rock music.
Pretty good album. Lousy sound, where's the bass?
>>the most distinguished (and by far, deepest) catalog in rock music.<<
I would argue the case for Bob Dylan here. Certainly more consistent and meaningful material over basically the same number of years. All of course IMO.
Not to split hairs,but Dylan's music falls into catagories other than rock about 1/2 the time.As for meaningful and consistent to describe his work,which I have always liked by the way,I would choose two different definitions totally when compared to the Stones over another twist,timewise,they both peaked in 75,IMHO,though I always like to hear what their up to.A great thread, as its nice to hear variations of a timeless theme about war,love,music and possibilities with so many eyes watching the horizons through pink lenses,stayhigh,keeplow,Bob
Usblues it could also be argued quite a few of The Stones records fall out of the rock category as well.
Yeah the Stones disco stuff was really distinguished. There is nothing more synergistic than Keith Richards and polyester.
Satanic Majesties Request in 89 or so fell right out.And they had some pop stuff early too,thats all that comes to mind,but its early....thanks Ben_....speaking of music,anybody in Tucson see them in 72?
Satanic Majesties Request was released in late 1967. Hey, what's 22 years?
Sorry,meant 1969,Dont do that anymore Stanhifi,I had that period blocked out of the chip,now I have to go back and rewire....anybody see the shows in Oahu in 74 or 5?Adieu,Bob
Right,right,late 67,they were trying to out Maharaji the Beatles on the lighter than air trip....if your looking down Brian,I reckon your glad you found that instrument in time....Bob
Narrod said, "Lousy sound, where's the bass?"

Shirley you jest. Maybe take the CD over to another system and listen to it again.
Don't call me Shirley :). Well, I use Audio Physic Avanti IIIs which have pretty darn good bass.
I 'spect your speakers are better than my old Fultons; the sound I hear on Stones' biggerbang is very dynamic & rich with extended and taut bass frequencies.
Heard this album last night. Folks, do yourself a favor and listen before you buy. Do not purchase simply because it is the Rolling Stones. This is a lame, tired, and brutally boring release.
It is better than their last two albums of original material and the blues numbers aren't bad. Overall, I agree.
"This is a lame, tired, and brutally boring release."
- Wc65mustang

"It is better than their last two albums of original material"
- Narrod

I couldn't agree more.
The current version of The Stones are bad young Stones impersonators. I'll bet there are cover bands that sound more like the Stones in their prime than these quid-hungry fossils.
Kind of harsh, don't you think? I doubt it's the money. After all, they are all very, very rich. It could be they just like to perform. People seem to still like them live.
They are always the top concert draw in any year they perform.
It's amazing that, after 43 years, three of the original band members are still there.
"People seem to still like them live."

Do tell.


They better see them quick then. They aren't looking too good. ;)
I think they are really marinettes operated by a computerized puppeteer software program written by Tom Jones.
Robm321 - So you're saying that they looked good at one time :-)
It's become de rigeur to bash the Stones--and, certainly, some of the criticism is justified--but I think "A Bigger Bang" is perhaps their best album since "Tattoo You." Only "Voodoo Lounge" rivals it for that title, IMO. Granted, that may not being saying much, as many of their albums from the 80s and 90s pale next to their classic output, but I think that ABB is pretty damn good, considering that these guys probably wouldn't have to work for 10 lifetimes. It shows an edge and rawness that the group hasn't demonstrated in years. For me, it's a pretty encouraging sign. I hope they continue in this direction. The closer they get back to the sound of "Exile," the better.
>>The closer they get back to the sound of "Exile," the better.

Keep on dreamin'. Tumbling Dice and Hip Shake have been replaced by the Metamucil Waltz.
>>Keep on dreamin'. Tumbling Dice and Hip Shake have been replaced by the Metamucil Waltz.

Whatever. I should've expected a typically ignorant response from you. You've contributed absolutely NOTHING to this forum--just smarmy, smart-ass replies. Get a pair of ears and listen again; you might be surprised what you find.
Beyond the albums including Brian Jones and Mick Taylor IMHO the Stones are recycling an old format and have innovated little other than to cash in on tours with one of the last and greatest names of Rock n'roll royalty. When Mick (Taylor) became disinterested, so did I. Sorry. In as much as Keith Richards is still the greatest Rock n'roll guitarist on the planet or for that matter one of the best (including those buried in it) the musical content does not motivate my record purchases any longer. I love their old stuff. May they rest in peace. Cheers!
Amen RF Sayles. Unfortunately most artists' best work is usually early in their careers IMO. That's not always the case though as some continue to evolve and turn out great material for years. A few of my favs are Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, Neil Young, and Don Henley. This is IMO and not meant to start a war here; others have their own choices.
Like minds! Wc65mustang Cheers!