The state of Yamamoto Soundcraft products

I own several Yamamoto products that I have ordered directly from the manufacturer in Japan, (2) HA-02 headphone amps, a A08 45 tube amp and now a HA-03 headphone amp. All my orders have been satisfied after placing in a timely and declared time frame, all products have arrived in pristine condition except for HA-03 headphone amp and it makes me wonder. The HA-03 was ordered and paid for and a delivery time of 8 to 10 weeks was given which they have always satisfied in the past, after 12 weeks contacted Yamamoto thru paypal and got no response after 14 weeks the amp arrived and looked to have no issues, after 20 hours of break in and 4 hours listening time unit started blowing fuses as soon as you turn it on. While going over unit to eliminate any obvious reason for the fuses blowing noticed that every bolt and nut on the unit was loose even the tube sockets were loose, just seemed the quality control has slipped and I am wondering if anyone has any insight to what might be going on at Yamamoto. Doesn’t look like they have any dealers or distributors here in the states and direct orders are how they do business. I am getting ready to drop my HA-03 off at a local repair shop and have it gone over. Any thoughts?
Sorry to hear that my only Yamamoto component was a YDA-1 DAC, it was well made, gorgeous to look at and functioned flawlessly. I only sold it to upgrade to a long lusted after Audio Note DAC. It's disappointing that your amp arrived in that condition and took so long. The saving grace is guessing the amp is a simple circuit and probably point to point wired and easily fixed by a competent tech. Good luck and hopefully if you shoot them an email explaining the problem they can help.
My amp was diagnosed with a bad transformer by a local tech but in the mean time Yamamoto has responded back and they are paying shipping both ways for the repair as long as the unit has not been misused, so looks like my concerns have been addressed.
tooblue -

How did you contact Yamamoto?  A couple of weeks ago, I used the email address that is on their website, and I still have not heard back from them. I have a YDA-02 usb dac that developed a problem.
Thank you tooblue. That is the same email address that I used. I will try again.