The Soundsmith CARTRIGHT

Anyone has any experience with it at the RMAF2010?

From their website:

The Cartright

The Soundsmith Corporation has created a revolutionary $899.95 device that will make the precise setup of a phono-cartridge not only easier … but actually easy.

The new "Cartright" system allows for all critical aspects of phono cartridge alignment to be easily performed and verified through the use of a stand-alone device (no computer required). Supplied with a specially designed record of test tracks and tones, the Cartright system allows even a non-technical person to make very precise adjustments to VTF, Anti-skating, Azimuth, Overhang, and Stylus Rake Angle - ensuring that just about anyone can achieve the best possible performance from their phono cartridge.

The Cartright is supplied with a specially designed test record that works specifically with the Cartright. Our engineering goal was to develop a device that was very easy to use, performed extremely well, and dramatically reduced the time and frustration level in setting up cartridges. It will allow an excellent azimuth setting regardless of cartridge parameters, as well as all other alignments.

In the 2 year effort to develop this device one of our goals was to keep the interface simple ~ one adjusts a knob till the lights toggle, and reads the knob position. During cartridge adjustment, one attempts to simply get a highest KNOB setting. The VTF/Anti-Skate adjustment lets you know when the distortion is suddenly lower (when you have JUST gone over the amount needed to get rid of clipping) and will allow a real distortion figure to be interpreted from a specific VTF/Antiskating setting. There are TWO bands on the record for this; the second is a “Frank Schroder” setting for Anti-Skate which we at Soundsmith and many others prefer – it is a slightly undercompensated setting. We provide both typical and the Schroder antiskating settings to be accomplished.
Interesting device - does the Cartright do measure and take into account any differences in output of the two coils of the cartridge under test ?
I Picked it up but it was not demoed when I was in the room

early 2011 ETA I believe