The sounds reproduced by KEF Blades are amazing! with Merrill Audio!

Seriously, Merrill Audio’s products are High-High-Performance. (Hi~ Hi~!)
I have not yet experienced a better product at this price point.

Of course, very fine tuning is essential. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort.

I really highly recommend Merrill’s products!

Here are the videos I recorded.
@ You will hear more than you imagined.

juuuuuust listening!

Steve Strauss - The Puppet Opera

Sinne Eeg - I have the feeling i have been here before

★Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction ★

Anette Askvik - Liberty
Merrills are really nice!
I don't see too many for sale on any of the auction websites; owners are keeping them.
How long have you had the Merrills?

I agree with you! Since the fall of 2017.
I want to go to the upper class Element 116 or 118.
Then I will sell it to the auction, right?LOL~
Needs large scale music well recorded . Most of the examples posted were small scale close miked with effects applied to mimic an expansive sound. It hadled Megadeath well. The system does rock. Rock and Metal can sound good on a car stereo. Having said that, Metal can be the Achilles Heel of some expensive systems. They render it limp. That system of yours does Metal a favour.

Doesn't need to be classical. Just minimal takes. The sound of the performers and the venue. Not reverb and digital effects.
I think that your system in the video sounds amazing. Definitely one of the better Youtube videos I've heard. THAT is why I'd like to hear some less processed stereo.
That is uncomfortable.
You are wrong and missing.

There is reflection in my room. It is a solid wall and reflective material as seen in the video.
In other words, there is actually a natural-reverb.
(Note : I do not feel much when I actually hear. However, in the recording, I feel clear as you say. You know if you record your system.)

BUT, there is no effect you think. Never! If I do that with video, I should be blamed.

As you said..
'Rock and Metal can sound good on a car stereo.'

But, I can say..
Rock and Metal can sound far-ultra good on a my system.

My car has a Bose premium sound system. All have 13 ~ 14 speakers. There is also have a woofer.
Compared to my car and my system, my system is better enough to go beyond dimension.
I can guarantee. Because I have had the experience of listening the maximum volume in my car.

I want to ask. Did you really listen to Rock and Metal with Blades and Merrill?

I just did the recorded and mixed to enjoy the video in every environment.
I'm not introducing my space, I just want to share what the sound of my system is.
That's all.
KEF makes good products.