The sound from the speakers.

I listen to my loudspeaker, I hear the sound straight from center between the 2 speakers.

I am wondering if that is the way to listen to a good speakers or maybe any speaker may design different and everyone preferences are also different from listening where the sound supposes to come from.

What are your experieces?
thanks all
Jake, most of us prefer to hear the sound between the speakers.
Sometimes we can hear sound from wider than the speakers too.
Audiophiles call this imaging and soundstage.
You should have a nice, strong center image but the soundstage should also spread across the area where the speakers are located. You should hear sounds from the center point out left and right with instruments hanging in acoustic space.
If you have a well recorded live event, you should hear the venue's space, air and localization of where the instruments(voices) actually are located on stage.
My system throws a wall of sound that extends way past the outer speaker boundaries with a strong center image. Some say I have speakers in the wall that there's no way that can come from 2 speakers.
One other less talked about feature is image height. It should almost go from the ceiling to the floor. This is sometimes refered to as size of the soundstage featuring height and width.
Lastly, a lot has to do with the recording itself. Don't expect orange juice from squeezed prunes!