The Sony Sony DVP-NC555 is quite good

I amazed by the lack of buzz about a universal SACD/DVD player that sounds this good. If you beat up your local retailer or hunt online you can get one for $460-520. I know many of us integrate our 2 channel systems with TV/DVD and watch movies in 2 channel. This is a great piece for that use, but the CD playback is quite good for a stand alone music system, and offers changer convenience, and the coolest feature: adjustable filter aliasing. Makes everything sound a bit smoother, which is a huge help for old recordings like my favorite Rolling Stones tunes. With the filter set to slow the music has more body and weight.

Mind you, I bought this for DVD playback, and it's now staying for CD playback duty. No need for 2 players. I'm listening to Alison Krauss recorded DSD on SACD and it's nothing short of stunning. Just listened to Chris Botti on redbook and it was superb. Disclaimer: tech heads don't need to flame and complain about the inherent distortion at 50khz. I'll be damned if I can hear it!

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