The Sonus Faber Maxima Amator...worth a look.

Sonus Faber are on a roll! After debuting the Sonus Faber Electa Amator 3, they have now come out with a new speaker, the Maxima Amator. A small floor standing model, with the usual amazing cabinetry and what looks to be a two way. I have not heard this speaker, but it sure looks amazing, and if looks are anything like what it sounds...I am interested. Anyone have a chance to hear the new SF?
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Daveyf... i was One of the Biggest fan of SF, but i have to say, i prefer the older Electra Amator more than the new version.  SF are not made like before when Franco Serblin was the head designer/chief, SF now are poorly made, all cabinets, materials, etc... made in China!  If you do get a chance, i strongly recommend the older version, even the Cremona to me was the speaker i had and enjoy it alot.  I am extremely disappointed! 
@zipost  Unfortunately, like many folk, you have now made a wide generalization about a company, that frankly is far from correct! The entry level SF's are made in China, not so the upper end models, including the new model that I reference in my OP. While I do agree that the Franco Serblin models were superb, ( I own a pair), I do think that the new models are also very worthy of consideration. The new Maxima Amator looks to be a stunner..
After you have had a chance to listen to these, do get back to us, in the meantime.....
There is a preview here:

The Maxima Amator has the same drivers as the EA3 but a new cross over design and "significantly more cabinet volume to play deeper and tighter than its stand-mounted sibling".
Looking forward to the full review at SoundStage on Jan 15th.
$15K+ for a slab of marble and a gimmicky plexiglass window in the back. It reminds of something know where. They look nice from the front.

They better sound convincing. I'm a SF admirer.
I'll take a pair of used Stradivari's for not much more.
@tonnesen  Thanks for posting the link to the mini-review. The new Maxima would appear to be constructed of solid walnut, which these days is a rarity in speaker production. For someone with a small room, who cannot accommodate the speaker in tablejockey's post, I would think this could be another contender.
Lots of interesting quotes from Livio Cucuzza, SF’s chief design officer in the mini-review.  Sounds like they had time on their hands with COVID and wanted to try to perfect a two driver speaker:  Cucuzza said “I have always been a fan of pure two-way designs, finding them more intimate and magical with some musical programs, of course accepting the limits they have.”