the smoothest sounding speaker

Any recommendations for a smooth sounding speaker? One that won't give you ear fatigue playing CD's. One that doesn't require playing vinyl to sound good.
Vandersteen's come to mind but I would like better resolution. How about Aerials? Is it possible to have both good resolution and still non-fatiguing sound?
I will caste in a reference to the ACI Sapphire XL, a speaker that is very similar to Aerial Acoustic's in the top end. They are certainly the type of speakers you can listen to for hours on hours, even on transparent transistor amplifiers.
my latest speaker is the smoothest i have heard while still have the extreme detail and emotion. Avantgarde uno, previously i had martin logan and before that acoustats and they were smooth and detailed until i hear the uno's. what is also interesting is that i had various brand silver cables and they all make the systems sound bright, changed the entire system to paul spletz anti cable and the detail, smoothness and bass and high all sounded better. hope that helps.
Ultra smooth. This has held true for both the 5.0s and 6.2s I have owned.

Mating with tubes is almost too much imo.
5.0 and 6.2 what???
for sheer smoothness, I wld think Ascendo Systems line of speakers would be right up there