The SME 3012, 3012s, Series V12 : Fun by the foot?

It seems that SME arms can be loved or loathed, but never ignored! So my beer budget is going to perhaps stretch beyond the realms of the humble, and even exotic, 9" inch tonearm to the foreign world of the SME 12 incher.

Calling all users of SME 12" arms! Although I can only afford the 3012, I would still like to hear also from owners of the more deluxe SMEs 12"s as well. What differences can be heard between the models- for those fortunate enough to have owned a few.

How do they sound - are they suited to all styles of music? Lutes and rock? Dance and acoustic guitar? Orchestral and heavy metal?

Thoughts on suitability to cartridges (do the take a higher compliance as well as a LC cartridge, for example). Tweaks. Set up tips. How to get the thing mounted on a solid slate plinth. DIN Cables. Rewiring. Etc, etc. BRING IT ON!
A SME 12" arm owner suggested that the DIN cable would be the first thing to replace. I see there are some rather expensive DIN terminated cables out there, Can anyone suggest a good, moderately priced tonearm cable for the SME?
try XLO Phono Reference Series, uncolored, super top end and natural sound
Syntax- thanks, I'll check it out.
Has anyone tried Tara Labs or Furotech tonearm cables?