The Smallest amp/speaker combination?

I have a small home office that i want to wall mount the smallest available stereo speakers + amp combo. I'd like to keep the budget around $1000 +/- $250.

Any thoughts on any complete systems out there? (besides the bose package which i think is crap) If there isn't anything available commercially as a "package" then what amp/speaker/(subwoofer?) parings do you guys reccomend?
I just bought the half-size Parasound Z Amp V2, Z Pre & matching tuner. Retail on these is $900.00. They are the best small components I've heard...
I believe there is a new Z amp & Z pre on audiogon right now, cheap. The amp comes in version 2 now, I'm not sure of the differences.
This amp easily drives 2 way monitors in my bedroom system, and the pre has a nice remote. I believe the amp has 2 transistors per channel, 1 push, 1 pull. I believe that's why it sounds so good...
The 10 year warranty is excellent, also...
I'm using a wonderful little integrated -the A205A from Almarro (5 tube watts, single-ended, one input).
This is driving some of those KEF aluminum-pod HT speakers to good effect (all the volume you could want in an office).
The front end is a Philips SA963 (or portable CD player).
This can be had for well under $1000 (used).
You may have difficulty finding the Almarro on the used market but it is only $800 new.
The KEFs have brackets (for wall mount) built into their base.
Nakamichi used to make a nice little office/bedroom system which had a CD/Cassette player combo with a small footprint receiver and a pair of small bookshelf speakers. I saw a couple for sale recently but a bit too pricey at 150 to 200. At 150 or less I would go otherwise I'd just pick up something like a used Denon mini system with the Mission speakers.

The old Proton AM/FM radios with the outboard speaker are also nice and have RCA inputs for an external CD players.
Berning Microzotl mated with a 90 dB plus speaker like Acoustic Energey Aegis 1 comes in at about $1100 new. Add a decent older CDP like the Sony S7000 for $200 and you are aweful close to your budget.
The parasound option seems to be the most intriguing as so far ---- Please note that my only source will be my PC based DVD player (SPDI/F + DVI) as well as my PC's sound card - (multiple analog/digitial outputs)

I dont need a CDP or other source - just the amp/preamp and a set of very small mountable kickass speakers (the ability to add a powered subwoofer would be a plus)
the totem mites are excellent!

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Amp / CD player / DAC from Audionote (Zero Series)

Small speakers (but have never heard them) Anthony Gallo's
For your office:
Sweet/simple configuration

Epos ELS 3 $300 - speakers or
B&W 303 $300 - speakers
Even a pair of Mission M71 for around $250
Intergrated amp - Creek 4330 used or Arcam
for around $500 and some PBJ's and its hard to beat these combos for the money