THE Show - worth going?

I was considering going to THE show, but looking at hte exhibitor list, looks like not a lot of big names (although some), plus many I've not heard of. Have peopel gone and found it to be a valuable learning experience? Or is it better to wait til the Stereophile show?
If you go to T.H.E. Show, you also go to CES. The CES "Specialty Audio" section is in the adjacent hotel. Together, these shows have just about everybody you'd want to see, far more exhibitors than at the Stereophile shows.
The big difference is that CES and THE Show are for dealers and manufacturers and distributors to do business. It is not a consumer show and while many consumers go, don't expect people to spend much time with you unless they are slow. The manufacturers are marketing to their buyers--not consumers. The Stereophile show is specifically designed for consumers. It's mostly dealers setting up and selling to consumers.
I believe this year the Show/CES is open to the public
THE Show might be open to the public but CES is still industry only. Of course, many do find a way in.....

They are both industry-only (including this year, no change there). Yes, plenty of consumers get in, which is not necessarily a good thing. Both are far above any stereophool show in terms of scope, but then again CES/THE are designed for business-to-business deals, not consumer tire-kickers, as Rives mentioned.

T.H.E. Show is located right next to the Alexis Park where the audio side of CES holds its show. Admission is free and there is no hassle or waiting to get in. There is easily more than a whole day's worth of things to see at T.H.E. Show. Because of the slightly smaller attendance, you can do more listening and talking with the exhibitors. Both Alexis Park and T.H.E. Show have smaller companies that are exhibiting. I find that these companies have more interesting and nice sounding products than most of the big boys. For me, the greatest joy from going to these shows is to find and hear the more obscure products that I would not be able to hear at local shops.

If audio is your primary interest, what is NOT worth bothering to see is the MAIN CES exhibits in the three big convention center halls. What an incredible zoo and WAY too much ground to cover.

Some of the most interesting CES exhibits are off site in hotels other than Alexis Park. These are worth seeing too.
No kidding Kal, they even let my slimey foot-sliding behind in.

And you can't forget the third leg of the Vegas audiophile experience! The AVN Expo!

I already have my badge. Hopefully, work will permit me to attend.
OK, I'll be the one who says it...go for that adult entertainment show they always have at the same time. Gunbei knows about it.

Ah, porn and Vegas. That's how God MEANT us to live!
In the morning, take the tram from your hotel to Alexis Park and THE Show to treat your ears. Then afterwards, cab it to the AVN Expo to give your eyes a treat. Later that night, finish it off in a jacuzzi, a club or at the OG.

Same thing goes on at all three shows. They're just trying to get you to pay for their booyah!

Hopefully, I'll get to hang with Albert Porter as well.
The last day of CES/The Show is open to the pubic, which is Sunday I think. Most of the business has been done by then and the exhibitors can and do spend the time with public. Anyone can regester go to the following link:

Remember "What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"

They told me the same thing in Cabo, Cancun, Maui and Puerto Vallarta.

I can't wait!
Please note that THE Show is not only the St Tropez, which is right next door to the Alexis Park - but also the San Remo (which is kitty-corner from the MGM. Ther are fewer exhibitors, but some much larger scale rooms there.

IThese are indeed BTB shows, but if you are cognizant and respectful of this, most exhibitors will spend time with you, particularly when it is slow. After all, many of them are enthusiasts/hobbyists at heart.
I've attended CES (and THE Show) for many years, long before becoming a dealer. People intent on attending usually find a way to finagle their way in. At the same time most realize the show is for industry only and are quite courteous to those conducting business. Most of the exhibitors are quite happy to speak with you.