Is any body going?

Im going with my wife maybe we can all meet??

Will be there in full force - 4 rooms - In room 1415 displaying our Liberty Audio Products , a complete Highend system for $15K, Preamp / DAC, Phono Preamp, Power Amp and Speakers. 

In Room 1413 with Madisound, featuring a new kit we designed for them using top of the line ScanSpeak Drivers,  this system will also feature all Liberty Audio Components.

Room 1148, A complete PBN Audio System featuring our Olympia Amplifiers and Montana Loudspeakers - all wired with Purist Audio Design

Then Room 1149 with a Pair of our Liberty Speakers, and a GrooveMaster Vintage Direct DP6, sharing here with Purist Audio Design and Allnic electronics.

Good Listening All, hope to see you there

Peter...hope you have a GREAT show!
I have always enjoyed going to THE Show (Newport Beach, June 3-5).  For me, the best part is discovering new music that I can listen to at home on my audio system. It is fun to visit the many rooms and listen. Yes, some rooms sound great and others not so great.   If you have any questions, this is a great place to listen and to get some answers.   

Everyone is very friendly, helpful and it is a great place to meet new people and see the new equipment.  The live concerts are great for listening to the real thing. It is amazing the prices I see on some of the equipment.  

It is a fun weekend.  THE Show in Newport Beach is highly recommended.

I plan on being there. One of the rooms I want to see is Tonian Labs to see what Tony is up to. He's made a new driver and it looks really interesting. 

I'll try to hit all the rooms I can this time, daunting as it will be.

All the best,

I am there on Fri/Sat.  Looking forward to listening sessions with Modwright, AVM, Accustic Arts, Ayre, Aesthetix and Constellation Audio. 

I am going to be focusing on a balanced design tube or solid state preamp.  

I would love to catch up with some of you.  

Happy Listening!!!
I'm only 20 mins away ans yes I'm going.

I'm two exits away. I may be there Friday but I'll definitely be there Saturday. Just for fun. I like to hear the very high end systems from MBL and others. And maybe just maybe find a new piece of gear to aspire to that won't break the bank.

Wish Steve and Empirical Audio were going to be there.

I'm a member of the Los Angeles Orange County Audiophile Society.  One of the groups putting the event on.  So, yes I'm going.  Hope to meet some of you in our hospitality room.

I'll be there with my friend Robert on Saturday and Sunday. 
We'll be there - we being Linear Tube Audio, probably better known, if at all, as "those guys making the less expensive Berning ZOTL amps". In room 208 we'll have our 40 watt amp and our MicroZOTL2.0 as a preamp, joined by Vapor Audio speakers and some other guys. Downstairs in the Marketplace we'll have a booth with our MicroZOTL2.0 playing headphone amp. We're also bringing a ZOTL10 in case anyone wants to listen to that. Though we had a pre-production ZOTL40 at RMAF last year, this will be the real debut of the new ZOTL power amps. 
California is a hike but hoping to make Capital Audiofest this year.
I suggest you visit On a Higher Note (distributor of high-end audio components ) located in the Pelican Hill Room.  Philip O’Hanlon’s demo using Vivid Speakers, Luxman and Merging Technologies are outstanding.   He usually uses LP's and switches to other inputs as needed.   His descriptions of the music are terrific.

For me, the best part, is that he publishes his demo playlists so that they can be added to your Tidal account. One playlist example is named “Box of Fun”, and it is terrific. See:

Please see the On A Higher Note web site for other playlists.   The On a Higher Note Room is a must listen and is highly recommended.  

I hope anyone even remotely thinking of going (even for two hours) do so. It truly is a celebration of technology, artistry, personalities, and music.

The Hotel Irvine is wonderful and easy to get to.

The hotel staff are friendly and helpful

The food trucks are fast, good, and reasonably priced..

Last year I really enjoyed the Synergistic Research Demonstration room on the first floor and many other exhibitor rooms. And lastly there is the fun of meeting friends, famous designers, musicians, and industry writers. 

David Pritchard


I’m there with Peter and Jim Aud of Purist Audio Design, as Peter said, room 1147 and 1149.

I'm not far from there at all; I'd love to attend, do I need to purchase tickets or pre-register (more info please)? -Davis
I'm  gonna go with a buddy. I was hoping Herron Audio was gonna be there but not this time. I am looking forward to a more thorough checking out of Ocean Ways speakers. These left me pretty blown away the last time I went albeit with a quick listen. Other than that just gonna cruz O.pen in the old shirt pocket and enjoy some music live and recorded played on world class gear. 15$ and real tastyfood(ie) trucks outside for the post show sustenance ya can't go wrong. These youngins today think they are so hip. I'll take this over anywhateverfest with drunk aholes trying to hit on my wife, pick a fight, and general pushing and shoving, any day. Walk away with some nice vinyl and call it a day. 

I will be going all  3 days, and still will want more. Disappointed that Esoteric factory will not be there. Will spend time in the High Fidelity room with Rick.
Enjoy Pete
This is the big one. For once in my life I'm going and for all 3 days. What the heck, it's only 2000 miles. C'mon Mapman, meet you at BWI.
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Planning to be there Friday and Sunday.
I will have my Carrera loudspeakers with ScanSpeak Revelator mid/bass drivers and Transducer Labs Beryllium tweeters in the NFS room.  Have fun at the show!  
Just got into town and checked in to the Courtyard. Been up 24 hrs but heading over shortly to join the fun. This is my first Newport Beach show and am looking forward to the experience 😎
Having a blast at THE Show. A lot of great rooms with the hotel and staff being wonderful. Do not make excuses,  just get your butt and ears to Newport Beach.

David Pritchard