The SHOW 2021 Long Beach, CA - Anyone going?

So the other day when I was browsing Facebook, I came across a post stating the The S.H,O.W. (Long Beach, CA) is back on for this year. I thought for sure it was not going to happen but looks like things just changed recently.

As soon as I saw that post, I got all excited and thought to myself, Oh Heck Yea, I am going to go. But a few days later I really started thinking about it, do I really want to go and take the risk? I mean, sure I want to go to this event but is it too early?

This is the only event that I can normally go to in the whole year since I am in Socal. Perhaps one day I might try to go to some other bigger event in the future but normally, this one would be it for me.

Last time I went was in 2019 which was also the first time I had ever gone to a Hi-Fi Show. I really enjoyed it.

But right now I am just debating whether it is worth it or not. I mean how well will they control the crowds and how many people would be allowed in a room at at time, seems like it would be difficult to manage.

Anyway, any other brave souls perhaps thinking about going?

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I was going to go but looked at the list of exhibitors and it is a rather weak line-up so I am not going to go.  
The Show location is convenient- 1.5 miles 

Hopped on the bike after work to assess the vibe. Pass.

I'll catch next year's mask less edition?
So I went on Saturday.

It was pretty mellow compared to the past time I went in 2019.

Not as many vendors of course.

But overall, I'm glad I went and got to hear and see some gear, which is always a positive.
I didn't go but two friends did,. They said it was a bust.

I was there for 3 days and it was disappointing. The mask thing was not a big deal. 
The lack of manufactures and vendors was. they where selling tea-shirts left over from 3 shows ago.