THE Show 07

Tyler Acoustics is not going to THE Show this year. I was hoping to hear the Woodmere II. Ty told me that there is a company that will be showing his PD 15. Anyways any Audiogon member going (Jan 8-11). I moved here in Las Vegas, so i wont miss this show.
i will be going to the show. i am a reviewer and i might be writing my impressions, as i did in 2006.

i8 can't say i am a fan of the tylers, as i favor panel speakers.

if you would like to meet, let me know, and we can exchange cell phone numbers.

because i will be covering as many exhibits as i can, i move very fast. i bring several cds and if i don't like what i hear, i am out the door.

incidentally, it might be interesteting to have several audiogon members meet and share perceptions and thenm report on them after the show. the value to those not attending may be immeasurable.
I will be there for a couple days.
"incidentally, it might be interesteting to have several audiogon members meet and share perceptions and thenm report on them after the show. the value to those not attending may be immeasurable." Mrtennis

I for one would appreciate the second hand experience as I am unable to make it this year.

Are you a professional reviewer? Do you have published reviews available anywhere on the internet? Just curious as your post are often, ah, interesting...... I'd like to read some of your reviews. Hook a brother up!


Too bad Ty won't be there. I wanted to talk with him some, and tell him that I admire not only his speakers but also his business model.

I'll be showing off a speaker or two of my own in Room 1301 at the St. Tropez, so stop in for a minute and say hello. Ralph Karsten (aka "Atmasphere") will be showing his amps across the hall from me.

12-20-06: Reubent

Are you a professional reviewer? Do you have published reviews available anywhere on the internet? Just curious as your post are often, ah, interesting...... I'd like to read some of your reviews.

Roy Harris, aka "Mrtennis", writes for Audiophilia. This has been discussed before in these threads, so this is not new information. Here's a link to a recent review of DCCA cables authored by Mr. Harris.
hi reubent;

you can read some of my feature articles by clicking on the "archives" header. i have written on such topics as neutrality, accuracy and musicality, synergy, what is the purpose of a stereo system and knowledge, opinion and the audio experience.

there is a review of a minimax cd player available for your perusal on the website.

some of my recent reviews are also available in the archives section. i have reviewed cable from the following companies:

audioquest, synergistic research, legenburg and soundstring.
there was a review of sim audio cd player which you can read in the archives section as well.

if you have any questions about components, please ask, i may have heard of them, or auditioned them.

thanks tvad for providing the information before i did.

i will report my experiences on audiogon when i return from las vegas. do not expect the usual coverage.

you can read my impressions of ces 2006 on the website under the title "impresssions of ces 2006".
Looking forward to meeting you Duke, and to seeing Ralph and the Boyz.
I'm Lee and I'll be attending CES and THE this year. I'm a BAAS member (here in the Bay area) and will post my observations here as well.

This is a great idea and postings should prove an excellent place for review and debate by all who attend.
I have been attending to THE show and never to CES. I would like to see the CES but i dont know how to get a badge. Anyone from audiogon can hook me up, will greatly appreciated.


Go here:

Fill in your name, the name of the company you work for and you're good to go.

Regardless of who your affiliated with, they can be connected to "Consumer Electronics" either through Software, Computers, Advertising, Wristwatches, CD players, Cell Phones, TV, Home Theater, Automobiles or whatever.
I have a question, since most of the high end was moved to the Venetian, how many other vendors will be at the St.Tropez? Will there be a shuttle or will I have to drive there? I also live in Las Vegas and called the St.Tropez for an answer with no results.
There is always a shuttle running between The Show, CES and all hotels that have displays.

I always rent a car and park at one hotel and grab a ride on the shuttle. When the show closes for the day and the lines for a cab is an hour, I jump in my rent car and find a peaceful restaurant for dinner.
Baxel, Baxel, Baxel.

The internet is your friend. Why post questions here when so much more information is available if you look for it? Three clicks and I was here. This is a list of exhibitors for T.H.E. Show. I think it is an overstatement to say that "most of the high end was moved to the Venetian"

Personally I will miss Alexis Park. I am not looking forward to the Venetian. Anyone going to CES for audio should definitely NOT miss T.H.E Show at the St. Tropez. If it is anything like last year you should schedule at LEAST a day just for T.H.E Show.
Thank you Mr porter for the link.

Thanks for the links. I'll be at CES for the third year in a row.
i think it might be useful for those of us who are going to ces to meet and go to a few exhibits to compare perceptions.

if anyone wants to get together, we could provide cell phone numbers and/or agreee to meet at a particular day, time and venue.
I will be in Lost Wages from Sunday the 7th through Thursday the 11th.

Anyone who wants to meet (Mrtennis or otherwise) can reach me by cell phone.

Email me through the Audiogon server or look up all my contact info at:

Typically there are so many people and so many rooms it's difficult to find anyone who's not camped out and waiting. But hey, It's worth a shot.

I sometime meet with guys from PFO and Absolute Sound who have similar listening goals, so covering stuff with them is what I would be doing anyway.

Admittedly I skip a lot of rooms (particularly home theatre stuff), otherwise I find it impossible to cover everything.

Thank you for the web site.I guess my brain was so consumed with where I am going that I did not think to search on the net. I wish you all Seasons Greetings and hope to see you in January.

Anyone catch the Magico Model 6's at CES 07? Amazing sound, resolution, warmth and prodigious bass. Cabinets are 660 lbs and big. I want a pair.

Was also blown away by the MBL 101X, which is a prototype speaker, not yet available. The 101e's always blow me away. It's like you're in the room with the band. 101x will be priced at over 200k when available.

As per our ongoing debate about Von Schweikert speakers versus Wilson, attending CES was a big bust. Not only was there no Wilson exhibit (although there were a few watt puppy's being used by other manufacturers), but Von Schweikert was kind of a disappointment too. They had the VR-5SE's playing and they were loud. Problem was the speaks were being driven by a class D amp and the sound reflected it. If you're demoing a pair of $25k speakers at an international hifi event, wouldn't ya think about using the best equipment available?

I was impressed at the "parabolic" soundstage that seemed to eminate from the speakers however. This was neat as I hate to have to sit in a sweet spot when listening. I walked behind the speakers and could still hear substantial high's. Would still like to hear these speaks under ideal conditions.

Over at THE Show, the Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations were teamed up I believe with Red Dragon tube monos and sounded really amazing. These little speakers were detailed, warm and put out impressive bass for their size. Too bad Verity didn't show with more product such as Sarastros. These are speaks I'd like to hear.

Needless to say, there wa tons of stuff that many will be writing about in the days ahead. I had a nice chat with Gary Kohe (spelling?) of Genesis which was great, and saw Robert Harley floating around a good bit. Great fun.

The VA Sarastros II were being demo'd at the Mirage. I love MY VAPO's....

Well how were we supposed to know that? I searched for Verity in both the CES exhibitor list and THE list. No mention of the Mirage. Bummer...
What did you think of the Sarastros?