The Shortest Time you kept a new piece for ??

Mine: A McIntosh 6850 integrated. Received delivery on Monday, couldn't stand the ''Christmas tree'' look, and unfortunately, it did sound very average ( it replaced a Sonic Frontiers Power 2 amp and SF preamp, tough competition). on Monday, got rid of it 2 days later with a local sale to a happy camper ! Call me impatient!
How about an SF2 for a few hours? Traded an integrated for it so I could use it as a trade on something else.

Next shortest would have to be a PSS IC, which was maybe a week. Without a doubt the brightest cable I've heard.
PS Audio HCA-2. 2 weeks. Not a bad amp, just not what I wanted. For me, the Rogue 88 is better.
That is funny - I thought the MA6850 was very nice. I guess we are all different and all have different systems (room included) we use to audition a single component.

I ditched used B&W N805 speakers faster than anything else - 5 days or so. Any less time than that and I don't think you know what you have. Other people like the 805s. However, there are really too many variables involved to be able to get anything from such comments. Arthur
Threshold FET-10 preamplifier bought used from a local dealer (so in theory it was broken in). Hooked it up in my system and ... ouch! It was obvious there was no way it was going to improve over time to make it remotely musical, it was horrible right from the get go. Had it for an afternoon, returned it. What a disappointment.
I had a Denon 3803 i was going to use for my HT, bought it about a month ago, returned it about a week and a half ago.

its not that it sounded bad, its just a fincancial emergency came up, and its easy to return things to large retail stores.

i'll definatly buy another one down the road. for now, im just gonna focus on my newly started 2 channel system
Phillips SACD 1000 - Lasted about an hour in my system. It was brand new so I was able to dump it in about five minutes here at the gon.
Hey Y'all,

I was looking to improve the 2 ch. performance in my HT system. I tried to replace my Krell HTS-1 with a Proceed AVP-S. I purchased it here on the 'Gon and had it in my system for 4 days. I sold it in a week. It did music OK but was completely flat on movies. I kept the HTS-1 until I could get the Showcase and now I'm very happy.......John
About 30 minutes a Yamaha M-80 amp . Thought it would be better than my Crown D-150. Wrong!!!Still have the Crown
Come to think of it, I did purchase a Magnum Dynalab MD-208 ''Class A'' Recommended component. It apparently had a super tuner AND a top notch electronics amp by Sim Audio. Turns out this ''Class A'' item had the lower economy Celeste parts from SIM (not the Moon line). Sounded thin and edgy, although the tuner section was pretty good when connected on it's own to another amplifier.

Kept it a whole Saturday afternoon, and begged for the dealer to refund my money. Wouldn't, of course, so he gave me a Sim I-5 in return. Marginally better, but still not a good match. Kept THAT about a week. My purchase of the MD-208 gave me a final and expensive lesson about the mistake of buying gear off the smell of a great review....
PSAudio HC-2.
2 weeks.
Could have kept it for 2 more, since it was from Audio Advisor.

Tried it out while one of the Rogue 120 Magnums was out, with the intent of keeping it for the bedroom since it runs cool.

But it just didn't do it, even when using a 99 Magnum pre in front. AudioAdv did refund my money promptly, and that's worth mentioning.