The shocking truth about speakers

The problem we have in the hifi community is that nobody knows how close we are to achieving perfect sound. This is the shocking truth that is in stark contrast to the belief that modern speakers are state of the art. 

The reason we are in this mess is because speaker design is based on two methods. One is listening and the other is measurements. Listening doesnt work because nobody has perfect hearing and in fact some are even completely tone deaf. Measurements also dont work because we only have the technology to measure some but not all of what needs to be measured. 

As a result, the speakers on the market could actually be horribly wrong if we could compare them to the perfect speaker if it existed. 

We cannot assume that we are close to perfection. Theres no evidence. 

The fact that speakers all sound vastly different indicates that nobody has the faintest idea what we are trying to achieve. 

The shocking truth about the speaker industry is that there is a lot of information that is contained within your favorite music tracks that you are being denied the ability to enjoy all because speaker design is wrong. It is a terrible injustice that needs to be exposed. 
You're first mistake is taking this guy seriously......
After reading this thread I'm selling my entire system(NOT).
A pair of JBL's killed my cat.
Guess my post got removed. FOR WHAT! Being silenced for the truth? C'mon, mods, you're better than this.....
@avsjerry, If you have to work at suspending disbelief then is disbelief really suspended? Now my head hurts. If I'm gonna have these deep thoughts it's time for a Corona (beer that is.) 

Keep the faith and enjoy all the things around the house that you normally don't have time to enjoy often enough.