The Shape of the Watt / Puppy and Others

I have seen several Speakers now that seem similair in shape to the Watt/Puppys.

Two that immediatley come to mind are the Von Schweikert VR 4SR Mk 2, and the Hyperions 938,and 968.

Each of these speakers use different drivers but they seem to be the same size drivers , amount of drivers and are placed in the same configuration as each other.

I cant help but wonder...

How do these compare to the more expensive Watt/Puppys in sound and value?
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I wish I could but cannot get the time off from work.
My New Years Resolution ...I will do my best to find someone, someplace, somewhere that I can demo the Von Schweikerts VR 4SR Mk2.
Excellent plan. Also, would it be worthwhile for you to seek out a Wilson Sophia II for comparison? And if you don't mind another recommendation, try and hear a Joseph Audio Pearl. It's physically similar to the Wilson, and sounds phenomenal. Really an amazing speaker, IMO.

Just my two cents, FWIW.
I have heard the Sophia 2 but I still preferred the Watt/Puppy 8.

Thanks for the Joseph Audio link. It looks very nice, I will seek out a demo of those also!
I have heard the Sophia 2 but I still preferred the Watt/Puppy 8.
Me, too...and me, too.

Please post your impressions of anything you get to hear.