The Seismic Sofa Is Here Startle Your Guests

The latest Do-It-Yourself project from partsexpress is the Seismic Sofa. A Bass Transducer under each cushion and a 240 Watt Subwoofer hidden in the center of the Sofa. "Once dialed in just right using the opening scene from Swordfish...Gunshots seemed crisper and clearer, thunderclaps produced raw, visceral sensations, and my entire home theater experience was taken to another level....". Hmmmm.....guess I'll have to wire the living room sofa. That should surprise our guests as they scream and duck for cover. Total Fear, that's the new audiophile standard. If your audio system doesn't make you plotz it's just not Audiophile........
why not just stick two SHOTGUNS under each cushion,talk about reality TV.