The secret to a great amplifier...

Is a $150 Orange fuse from Synergistic Research. Seriously, extreme boost in sonic performance. Blacker background, larger soundstage... if I wanted to make some bucks, I’d put these is cheap OEM compnents and start letting the accolades and purchasers come calling.

Mind you, I have a high value-oriented $20k system, so it was nice before, but damn!

     You guys n gals think Synergistics charging $150 for a fuse is bad.  How about their new product, Mouse Milk at $500/ounce?
     Their ad literature claims: "This liquid gold is gently coaxed from our pure-bred, corn fed, non-smoking, post-natal and virgin herd of mice by our extensively trained team of audiophile rodent wet nurses that have been preselected for their gentle, nimble and abnormally tiny hands." They also state the milk contains "non-placebo effect properties".

    Sounds too good to be true, right? Post-natal virgin mice?  Audiophile rodent wet nurses with tiny and nimble hands? Those have all gotta be hard to find, right?  Perhaps this explains the high price?
    In any case, I just ordered 2 quarts, I'll report back.


Thankfully we are down to just a few psychotic malcontents.

Then we can move along to the next thing they don’t understand and all will have to deal with the flufferstorm of their incapacitates, again.

To the chagrin of all involved. Like clockwork. Expect it like the Spanish inquisition.

I would prefer to disarm and wind down the confrontation but it seemingly can't be. So we're left with the hard burn from the soldering iron of truth. Burn baby burn. And if they find some smarts in the interim, then maybe they can get out of the chair of their own making.. and finally run away. And never sit down in those sort of chairs of ignorance and projection, again. We can hope, we can dream....
Quarks are in the signal path ! Spent the week trying to tame them :-)

speaking of “ lists “, @tubebuffer is on my must read list !! Witty, subtle savage with a spouse who dresses well. 
Right.  High-end boutique brands never rebadge cheap stuff from China.

(Just to be sure, before buying that next power cord, go a quick visual search of Amazon and AliExpress.  You might be surprised.)
So were these Orange fuses inserted in the power amplifier outputs to the loudspeaker or in the AC Mains line to the unit?  Either I missed it or that installation point was never made.