The secret to a great amplifier...

Is a $150 Orange fuse from Synergistic Research. Seriously, extreme boost in sonic performance. Blacker background, larger soundstage... if I wanted to make some bucks, I’d put these is cheap OEM compnents and start letting the accolades and purchasers come calling.

Mind you, I have a high value-oriented $20k system, so it was nice before, but damn!
Just put one in my cable box and vacuum cleaner. Picture on TV looked great but WOW the vacuum cleaner sucks much better. 

stevizzy Just put one in my vacuum cleaner sucks much better.
I just tried one up my **** now I can play tunes when I ****

Cheers George

Yeah mate I just love it up the **** from fusers, they turn me on.

Fusers have no idea, there’s many things that are worse in series in the ac line than a fuse, they are just being suck into paying $150+ for a what is a 50cent fuse by these snake oil fuse con men. 
Synergistic Research has been known to rebadge and decorate cheap Chinese junk FYI. The ultimate purveyor of snake oil products.