The Science of Cables

It seems to me that there is too little scientific, objective evidence for why cables sound the way they do. When I see discussions on cables, physical attributes are discussed; things like shielding, gauge, material, geometry, etc. and rarely are things like resistance, impedance, inductance, capacitance, etc. Why is this? Why aren’t cables discussed in terms of physical measurements very often?

Seems to me like that would increase the customer base. I know several “objectivist” that won’t accept any of your claims unless you have measurements and blind tests. If there were measurements that correlated to what you hear, I think more people would be interested in cables. 

I know cables are often system dependent but there are still many generalizations that can be made.

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A small addition.
There is no clear soundstage at a live concert.

What the whole “audio world” is looking for in his house


You are absolutely right.
The big and small hall are different soundstage.
Of course
But I wanted to say little another.

For live music this is less like a "soundstage" and more like “soundspace” :)

It is 3D and in a rather “soft” form.
Especially at big hall concerts, I can’t show absolutely exactly the musical instrument playing now.
Maybe my hearing is already so bad of course. :(

--When you see smiles on people their faces, you are aware that this is what people want and need.
+150% ! :)