The room as a component

We all know that the room we use for audio is important and not just dimensions but room treatment and construction as well. There is so much involved that it would be nice to have a separate forum category for the listening room. It is my ultimate goal to one day build my own room. One source I have found for information is the youtube videos from Dennis Foley of Acoustic Fields. He really has some interesting information. Has anyone here had any experience with Dennis or his room treatment products? They are not inexpensive so I would assume very few have but I would like those who have experience or those who have watched his videos to chime in with their thoughts.  
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Yes the room is an integral part of the system. As is power. As is everything. My dream from childhood was my own listening room. Took a while but after buying a house when we decided to remodel the listening room finally became a reality. You can see it all here
Notice this goes back to the 1990's, and is under continual development to this day. Main thing I learned along the way is what is really cost effective and what is not. 

Another thing I learned along the way is which questions to ask, and which ones to avoid. Because really, who is gonna drop $10k on acoustic panels and then say but you know I could have made the exact same thing for like $50, which is bad enough, but then when I tried Synergistic HFT they were so much better for so much less I feel like I totally blew the ten large. And the answer is: nobody. 

So a better question is, what's a really cost effective way to go about improving my room? 

I mean, if that's what you're after.
Chuck, I just looked at your set up. Now I know two things about you; you like red and cable risers. It looks like you have really "thought" about "everything."

Well, when I clicked on the Acoustic Fields website and the picture of their $1M sound studio job came up....I figured I didn't really need any more clicks to realize that they were out of my price range.

Maybe to many this wouldn't matter...but Return On Investment when you sell the house...probably in that respect, I'd rather spend my money on gear that brings the best out of the room I have than spending it  on a room that brings the best out of the gear I have.
Dennis has a lot of video’s on youtube and shares a lot of information. I guess my purpose in this thread was to see if anyone had any experience with his products or what their thoughts are about his ideas regarding room acoustics. For example, he says to isolate your speakers from the floor because vibration is simply another source of sound (floor resonation) He offers speaker pads for this purpose at $750.00 each. Full disclosure, I’m not advocating his product but just thinking about the principle of isolation. So depending on what you paid for your speakers this seems like a minor expense comparatively. So in what other ways can isolation be achieved?
It’s also interesting that as a demonstration he has a very cheap pair of speakers placed in an acoustically treated room and they sound fantastic (albeit on youtube). Anytime I read about someone having a problem with their speakers on this forum everyone jumps at the issue of room treatment. So all I wish to do is generate some discussion of same. Hey, I’m not a rich guy either but I like to learn and Dennis seems to have some interesting ideas.
One other note. As to the Acoustic Fields site having a $1M dollar sound system on their home page, What you are seeing is someone who spent too much money ($200K) on a room and in the end it didn't work. The reason was that someone took advantage of a guy with deep pockets and ruin the room. Dennis came in and straightened it out. So don't paint a portrait of something incorrectly.