The RME ADI 2-DAC 32Bit/768kHz

RME is a German Pro Audio company that's been around for 20 years. This is their first real step into home audio. Not only is it a DAC it also serves as a extreme power Headphone output and has a low noise IEM output. RME's Steady clock FS reduces jitter down to a quadrillionth of a second. Most clocks use pico seconds which reduces jitter to a trillionth of a second. The DAC is compatible w/Windows7 and up also MAC and I/Os devices. It has a 5 Band Parametric EQ. For headphones and speakers you can do dual EQ. Being no two ears are the same you can adjust for both ears individually. It also has a detailed Loudness functionThe user can decide how much maximum gain in bass and treble should occur at the lower volume settings. The user also sets the low volume Reference where maximum gain is achieved. The book that comes w/this is 65 pages and I'm still trying to digest it all. The sound stage is big w/plety of air between singer and instruments. The bass is ruler flat. For $1099 it can compete w/many DAC's at twice the price. 
Hi guys,I have a Accuphase DP430 cd player and plan to use it as a transport with the RME adi-2 dac .Do you think it will be a step up from the internal dac in the Accuphase cd player.
Pro gear can be very good, they are ignored by audiophiles sure, but most of the music we listen are recorded and mixed using pro gear.
I’ve had the ADI-2 for a couple months or so. Man, this is a fun, excellent sounding unit! Compared to the DAC on my Halo int, it’s less "dry" sounding, very rounded and full depending on filter setting. I settled on the NOS filter with the bump up in 14 Khz treble suggested on a forum. I’ll be enjoying this DAC for years to come I think.

Bought the RME back in August and there was a big improvement in SQ. There's a choice of five filters. I like Short Delay Slow. Smooths out the digital hash on highly compressed music. The RME also has a five band Parametric EQ, a feature you don't find in any other DAC. Also very good w/high quality headphones. The instruction book is about 68 pages so there'll be a learning curve. 
How does it compare to the mytek liberty dac?