The Rippingtons - Let It RIP - Your Opinions

Category: Music

This is the newest offering from Russ Freeman and The Rippingtons since "Life In The Tropics" and his own solo work on "Drive" This latest work will remind you of his earlier releases such as "St.James Club" and "Curves Ahead". For the most part I really like this album,although not the best he can do. Russ Freeman has almost coined the term smooth jazz over the years and maybe he is getting to comfortable and not stretching the artistic enevelope as he once did. But nonetheless this is a good album,just not great as he is capable of. So lets have your thoughts on Russ and The Rippingtons, for me the album is a keeper,but then again,I have all the Rippingtons either on Vinyl or CD. By reading other reviews elsewhere this has become a love it or hate it album from The Rippingtons. What Are Your Thoughts??