the right speakers

I'm looking for the right speakers in $4,000 - $5,000 range.
What would be a good match for Pioneer Elite top of the line reciever as a preamp, and Musical Fidelity A3.2cr as a two ch. amp. Even in the used speakers market.
Any suggestions appreciated.
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You will need to give more info, room size, personal taste in music, what you are looking for in sound...all this is needed for any useful info.
First let me tell you I work part time as a dealer for Vmps. If you go here:
You can find a sticky with reviews and talk to other owners. That way you can get others opinions as some people think a dealer may mislead them. There's a reason for the rave reviews and another will be coming soon. Also a search at AA is worth doing. They're easy to drive as they are purely resisitive above 280hz. My brother uses a Pioneer Elite receiver with his. There's also a sticky with a list of owners and another for dealers. Worth a listen in any price category 2-20k as the bang per buck is outstanding.

Speakers are a very subjective subject. Many people like Maggies and I personlly couldn't live with them. There's alot of good speakers in your price class. You need to hear and read about as many as you can before you plop down your hard earned cash.

To explain it another way: Take two well accepted speakers in the 5k price class. Both speakers people rave about how good they sound and both speakers are loved. These two different speakers will both sound very good but different. You're the only one who can decide which one is the one for you.

Then you have to take into account room acoustics. If you haven't it's money well spent, let me assure you. If you spend 4k on speakers and 1k on room treatment you will have a better sound than the guy who drops a pair of 5k speakers in the same room. Odds are way high in favor of this scenario so please put the room acoustics into account to. Hope this helped. Cheers
Apart from the above advice I would add that:
-- used spkrs are a good idea
-- no point in buying spkrs FOR yr present equip / buy spkrs that you like (and can be driven by what you have)
-- 5k is a lot of money - and for used spkrs buys you a lot and well superior perdormance to yr present equip!
-- prepare yourself to be boggled by the choices out there: they're endless!

-- enjoy yourself as you're looking for the "right" pair
What size room will they be in, and what are your musical preferences? There is not enough information given for you to get back anything other than someone suggesting their favorite speaker, which will be useless to you!
If you can get a an audition with Wilson Benesch line, do your self a favorite. A pair of WB Discovery or Curve used is about $5500 but is hard to find. Ditto what Warnerwh said. It is a very subjective thing finding a pair of speakers you love. Have fun.
Sorry; I wouldn't run 5k speakers with a Pioneer receiver; unless I knew I would be replacing this rec. soon,(and this was just a temp. solution).___ Now if this rec. has pre outs for the fronts;hook you up any of many cheap 2ch amps.
Cart before the horse.....The right speakers are what meets your SPL levels/room requirements and is pleasing to your ears and music tastes.

Don't force your speaker choice to match existing components, expecially at $5K price levels. Choose speakers first, independently, and connect with your existing components and, if necessary, over time, trade for components that complement them best. Ultimately you will be more satisfied in the long run.

The speakers have, by far, the biggest influence on the sound. They also have the most compromises in design. Differences between one good amplifier and another will be minor compared to the overal impact that your speaker will have on the way it all sounds....speakers are where the rubber hits the road.

While audio waveforms can be produced and manipulated digitally and electronicaly with extremely high degrees of accuracy, in relative terms, all speakers introduce tons of distortion and colouration, especially as volumes are increased.

Just my two cents...I know many others will disagree....but at that price level you should simply get speakers that really knock your socks off and ignore the other components you already have!
I appreciate everybody who replied. I listen to jazz, classical, some american standards, very selected rock(deep purple, pink floyd). My room is very airy and open. It's a combination of dinning and living areas with no wall between. In addition, the portion of this area where I listen to my music has vaulted ceiling, so the volume is huge. However, my Speakerlab Super 7's have no problem filling it even at very low volume. They have 12" and 10" in each, so plenty of bass at low volume. I listen to low volumes most of the time.
Another reason I want to spend more money on speakers is people upgrade their electronics more often than their speakers, IMO. Speakers are something I want to have for a long, long time than my equipment.
---My uniplayer is also Pioneer Elite top of the line, upsampling, plays everything as long as it's round and shiny.
The area is 500-600sf could be even more
Look into Green Mountain Audio's line. For $2900/pair you can get the Calisto's, an excellent two way monitor made of cast marble, time aligned. For $4995/pair you can get the new Pico Executive, a three way system time aligned. You won't be sorry.