The Right Speaker Cables

Looking to try new speaker cables. I just tried a pair of Nordost Superflatline cables in place of my Blue Jean Cables. I found the Nordost more detailed which i loved but they didn't have the fullness that Bue Jean provides me. I find the Nordost having a leaner sound. My price range at this moment is around $500 for the pair. Suggestions on other cables I could try.

My System:  Amp - Parasound A21+, Preamp - Parasound P6, Phono Amp - Parasound JC 3 Jr, Turntable - MOFI Studiodeck with Ultra Cartridge, Streamer - Bluesound Vault 2i, Speakers - GoldenEar Triton One.R


Save your money, don’t waste it on a manufacture name on the rubber coating

years ago I bought 30 feet of 8ga speaker cables, t he standard copper stuff,

you can use my 8ga thick wire, or make the,same,run with 14ga , will sound the same. If you want to change the tone, try the silver plated, or silver wire, will boost some highs. 


Check out Cullen crossover. Read the user reviews. Nothing but excellent products from Patrick.

@derfman66 I am on a similar quest and have tried four different cables under $500, including Blue Jeans which are still in favor. I have noticed more differences with speaker cables than any other type of cable. I know there is something better out there, thinking OCC is of interest and maybe Zavfino. Have you come to any conclusions?

Zlone I decided on the Audience Ohno lll. I have since purchased the xlr cables where I could. Replaced the rca's. Found the rca's had some background noise. They are unshielded. The xlr's are fantastic. I also went with there power cords. It took some time but I find my system is dialed in finally. Go to The Cable Company and fill out the firm for advice on your system. They have an extensive data base on different cables for different systems. They also offer trial cable for a fee. You will not lose the cash ass long as you purchase from them. The fee goes towards the purchase. Happy hunting. 

@derfman66 - Take a look at Audio Envy - OCC copper + great insulation + modest price

They should make a noticeable difference

If that does not turn your crank - take a look at Zavfino - they are the next step up from Audio Envy and their TOTL products are pretty darn good

Regards - Steve