The right choice for pre amp / volume control.

I am puting together a new system. I use one source only. I can not use the volume control of my CD player Because I have a seperate D/A, A/D converter(and other reasons to lengthy to list).
Now the point. I have tried the Placette V.C.(very good) Unfortunately my source is not up to par with the rest of my equipment. The placette allows much of the digital flatness to come through. I would like a bit warmer sound, to stay solid state and not have all the ins and outputs of a full pre. What are my choices at about $1000.

I'd try out a Bent Audio transformer volume control. These overcome the typical problems like flatness, and other things that commonly occur with passive preamps of the resistive type like Placette. The transformer control provides a much better impedance match between the components, and also allows more length of cables between the components, because of the improved impedance matching characteristics.

Silver Rock also makes a nice transformer passive volume control, but it is much more expensive than your budget. The Bent Audio unit will fit under your $1k figure. You can select the number of inputs/outputs, and use RCA or XLR connections.
sounds like you are asking for a tube line stage recommendation?
Might consider the Blue Circle BC21 hybrid...runs about $800 used I think. I had one at the same time as a Placette, and the differences I noticed between the two might be just what you are looking for. Its a great piece that received great reviews you can read at Blue Circle's web site.
I have the bent audio passive that Twl is talking about and I am more than happy with it. My source is good though so I can't guess at how it might help you,also I have not tried the Placette so I can not say if the bent TVC is better than it. The Blue Circle Fly_fish_nz is talking about may be a good and give what you are looking for. I know it is very well thought of. John Chapman at Bent audio will let you try the 102TVC passive risk free so you might want to try it. Also you could try the Blue Circle and resell it for what you paid if your not happy with it.