The right amplifier for Quad 12L Classic

Hello, I plan to get myself a quad 12L Classic. Now I don't know which amplifier to get. I have so far audiotioned and liked quite a few amplifiers, the most satisfying being the Exposure 2010. Would this amplifier pair up well with the Quad 12L Classic? The power rating for this amplifier is around 85W. Would quad 12l2 demand more power than what exposure 2010 offers? Iam also ok about getting a quad 11L Classic or the bigger 22L2 if that would give me what I want. I listen to jazz, vocals, classical.
Based on your listening preferences, the Exposure 2010 will work fine with the 12L. The more power you provide these speakers, the better they perform.
Contrary to "conventional wisdom", you are MORE likely to destroy speaker drives when you have INSUFFICIENT power rather than when you have too much.

Having a higher rated power rating just means you have more reserves in handling transients/spikes in demand when the music calls for it.

I used to own the Quad 12L Actives which are the same speakers as the 12L but fitted with Quad's current dumping power amps (they have about 40W driving the tweeter alone and another 60W driving the woofer... PER CHANNEL) and they were pretty sweet speakers.

They did lack a bit on the low end though, so perhaps the 22L might suit you a bit better. FWIW, Quads aren't particularly bass heavy in the first place so best to listen to the 22L first if you can.
I was very happy with Quad 21L and Naim 5l-2 integrated in medium/small room.
Meant 5i-2
Dear Doggiehouser, you dont think 22l2 would be two large for an exposure 2010 to drive?

Thanks a ton for your feedback...
How big is the room the speakers will be used in is an important bit of info if you are looking at the 22L as well as the 11L. That being said, I have owned the 11L, 12L and 21L and in an 11X13X8 room the 12Ls were my favorites. They had the best overall tone IMHO. The 21L was a close competitor.
No idea how the Exposure would match but quality watts matter more than "higher numbers" per se.
Dea Timru, my room is around the same size as the one you mentioned. However it is an odd shaped room with an open kitchen. A decent apartment is more expensive than a decent sound equipment around here. I hope the 12L would do well in my room. Iam actually looking at the 12L classic. Assuming that 12L classic is an improvement over the 12L...
I have played a lot with the L series and the the best match I ever came across was using Arcam to drive them. Never did experience Exposure, but I have read extremely good things about that gear.
As a former owner of 12Ls...I can attest to their strengths...very clean, deep bass from such a moderately sized enclosure...not sure if its the driver or port design...probably both...I did find the tweeter to be a bit "sharp" for my tastes...but I believe they have redesigned a new one since the original series...nice soundstaging...good imaging...I would opt for a "musical" amp vs a detailed with a softer top end...many to choose from...I had an older Belles at the time...plenty of other options....