The Rhythm by North Creek Music Systems

Has anyone either constructed or bought this speaker kit? I have read some reviews of people who bought them, and it seems that it is an excellent bang for the buck. The Rhythm driver complements are 2 7" Scan Speak woofer and the Revelator tweeter by the same company. The array set up is D'Appolito and it is floor standing. The driver kit+cross over and other items run about $1700. Any thoughts? What other speaker used Revelator tweeters anyway? Paul
I don't own the kit, but have bought other items from North Creek, he's a good guy. Other Speakers that use the Revelator tweeter are essentially all of the PBN Montana line (systems over $50,000), most of the Nova Audio line, and the top of the line Sonus Faber Amati Homage. I own this tweeter, and feel it's the absolute best dome tweeter in existence (I've heard nearly all the others). However, the Morel MDT-33 is very close overall (is more dynamic, but barely less "liquid" IMO), and costs half what the Revelator 9900 costs. You could save about $200 if you modified the Rhythm kit to use the MDT-33, though I doubt North Creek would provide any help with what little crossover mods would be required for this. Good luck, buy the Rhythm, and get started....Carl
AudioReview has 3 people who built this speaker. Here's the link.
another speaker that uses the Revelator tweeter is the norh 7.0 and norh 9.0 ... available only factory direct. I have not heard the speakers, but they get EXCELLENT user reviews. Search for norh loudspeakers at for the web site.
I have a pair of Rhythm Revelators. The crossovers are external, and the drivers are matched to .5 dB. They sound sublime. I’ve never been comfortable saying one product is better than another, for several reasons, but I’m confident in saying I’ve never heard much, if any, better. I’ve been to many CES’s, various Stereophile shows, and countless homes of friends’. I’ve heard some pretty good gear, and the only change I would consider is upgrading to the Signature.

Of course, what I just said isn’t the same as saying you’ll feel the way I do if you buy a pair. I prefer Cabernet Sauvignon to any other wine I’ve tried, but I don’t think people who prefer Merlot are crazy. Make no mistake, the parts quality, the design, and the voicing all compliment each other as well as any other of the very best loudspeakers in the world do. Those who dismiss them have rarely heard them. Unfortunately, many dismiss them due to the lack of all the various markups (which are very, very substantial in highend) that create outlandish prices. In other words, they’re dismissing them because they don’t cost as much as some “Class A” rated product. This is an unfortunate mistake. NCMS’s biggest hurdle is the lack of in home trials, or some other way of hearing before buying.