The Rhythm by North Creek Music Systems

Has anyone either constructed or bought this speaker kit? I have read some reviews of people who bought them, and it seems that it is an excellent bang for the buck. The Rhythm driver complements are 2 7" Scan Speak woofer and the Revelator tweeter by the same company. The array set up is D'Appolito and it is floor standing. The driver kit+cross over and other items run about $1700. Any thoughts? What other speaker used Revelator tweeters anyway? Paul

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I don't own the kit, but have bought other items from North Creek, he's a good guy. Other Speakers that use the Revelator tweeter are essentially all of the PBN Montana line (systems over $50,000), most of the Nova Audio line, and the top of the line Sonus Faber Amati Homage. I own this tweeter, and feel it's the absolute best dome tweeter in existence (I've heard nearly all the others). However, the Morel MDT-33 is very close overall (is more dynamic, but barely less "liquid" IMO), and costs half what the Revelator 9900 costs. You could save about $200 if you modified the Rhythm kit to use the MDT-33, though I doubt North Creek would provide any help with what little crossover mods would be required for this. Good luck, buy the Rhythm, and get started....Carl