The Revolving Door...Hey, how about some synergy?

I always read the forums here with great interest with the intent of learning something new, but it seems of late that many threads are repeating themselves, over & over again. For example, recommendations for streamers (which 1/2 dozen or so of the same name get bantered around), DAC’s and speakers of varying price levels. Lots of talk about individual components. I was looking for advice and comments on complete systems, components that work well together as a whole.
Due to Covid-19 and being unemployed for almost 4 months, I had to sell off my gear in order to pay the bills. Now, back to work, I am looking forward to rebuilding. Getting close to retirement, I’m not sure I will have the same amount of funds to spend to get me back to where I was? So I’m looking to the community to offer up some great combinations of equipment speakers, amps, DAC’s (no TT’s at this point, digital-only please) that truly sound awesome matched-up together.
My last system: Coda CSiB integrated V1, Martin Logan Spires, Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2V2 SE, running a ROON Nucleus as a server. I could probably put the same system back together used for less than $10K (retailed 20). It sounded great but the ML’s where unforgiving with poor recordings and of course, the head in the vice syndrome. Just want to try something new and this maybe be my last shot, so I want to do it right!
New up to $10,000, used gear up to $20,000 retail. Also moving soon, currently no room dimensions.

Easy:Harbeth Monitor 30.2 Anniversaries,gently used $4000.00
Sugden A21SE with custom color anodized face plate$3800.00 new
Desk top DAC/Headphone amplifier from the Head-Fi market like Topping DX7 Pro & a Chromebook $1000.00
HiFiMan Sundara headphones $350.00
APC power conditioner/protector $200.00
Cables $650.00
Total $10,000.00...
Perhaps you could look through the manufacturer rooms from a few past audio shows and see what equipment people are pairing together when their ass is on the line? Presumably they've already done a ton of testing to see what works best...

Alternatively, pick a speaker, then contact that company with your budget and have them recommend an amplifier that they already know works well (or vice versa depending on your perspective).
Hey feediver, system sounds awesome. Sugden has been on my radar and is a bit of a sleeper. Oddly enough, I can audition one locally.
I know they promote the Sugden with Spendor DB2's which are close to $7K (but supposedly sounds incredible) so the Spendors will eat up most of my budget. I will try to check out the Harbeths. Thanks!

Great advice cal3713, I have my homework cut out for me!!!
Would a Hegel H190, Magnepam LRS with a couple of subwoofers and a Denfrips Pontus DAC (new) get me close to my old system?
Or is this too "Mid-Fi"?
I followed the synergy first path and its a good plan to build a base that has a proven track record. For me the system had to work with Magnepan since I favor the planar sound over boxes.  Ended up with a used amp until I could get the one I wanted new, the Bryston 4B3.  My end game plan is to upgrade to the 3.7i and upgrade my preamp to a Sachs or Supratek. Currently getting by with a Freya Plus and some high end NOS tubes.  I found the 4B3 new from a Dealer that was 30 days demo for 4300.00   Upgrading the 1.7s to the 3.7i this fall.  Its all personal taste but IMHO a Tube Preamp running 6SN7s, a 4B3 & Maggies  sound beyond sublime. I listen for 5 hours a day and it never gets old.  I have it so bad that I will not consider a new residence unless the listening room can accommodate Maggies 6' off the wall.  Good Luck! 
I like what you're saying phcollie, your systems sounds real fine!
I really want to hear some Maggies. I need to hit the road and do some listening. I also like the idea of a SS power and tube pre-amp set up. 
Thanks for sharing your combo, I hope others will do the same.
I bought Polk lsim707 they listed for $4,000 new...I got returns a little stratched...for $1,400 delivered and they weight 100lbs and sound fantastic....
Cool Thread Resurrection :)

I did some research and upgraded my preamp to the EAR Yoshino 868. Found some Audio evaluators in germany use the combination in their reference systems and the seller confirmed the pairing. Could not be more pleased. After the move to a new home, decided to keep the 1.7s in a 13x16 dedicated room. The synergy between EAR/4B3/1.7 is very very nice.
limomangus - phcollie:

Sweet on the both of you!

Me, I just found out my remodel took a quick $33K jump up,
kinda eats up my budget for synergy...UGH!