The Return of the LASER Turntable?

I was just reading from the September Stereophile in the "Analog Corner" by Michael Fremer (pp. 45,46). Has anyone had the opportunity to audition this format for playing vinyl? Do you think it will ever gain popularity with the analog community?
Especially if it comes down on price. Where is the downside? Vinyl analog sound with no further wear and tear on the LP. No cartridges to replace. No cartridge/vinyl interface at all! I'm only curious about its stability. I think it's a great idea!

A few years ago, someone wrote a letter to Stereophile stating that if analog was so wonderful but LP's so noisy, he would like it if a new analog medium could be introduced taking the best of analog and dispensing with the worst. The Laser Turntable appears to be a strong step in that direction. If I could afford one and I felt comfortable with its longevity, I'd be all over it!
There was a laser LP player about 20 years ago. It was over $10,000 (in that periods $$$$).
...heh sometimes some pearls like that surfing through electronic audiomarkets and most of us can only take a look at that if there is a picture present. This turntable would cost used as my whole system new $$$$$$$$.
Let's see one of these up for auction with a $1.00 open and no reserve. Would that not be an interesting auction (to say the least) or what?