The Resurgence of Dexter Gordon

Hello all. I'm looking to purchase a copy of the Resurgence of Dexter Gordon and was wondering which version would have the best sound quality. I have seen the original 1960 Jazzland recording, which I see listed on eBay for at least $50 pre-owned, an early 80's release on Prestige and 2016 reissue on Waxtime (Europian import) going for around $15 (this version also has six additional tracks which I would assume would almost double the 40 minute play time - which I assume would also affect the sound quality).
I am not adverse to spending $50 on a recording if it's sonic qualities are much improved over other versions as is with Miles Davis Kind of Blue on Mobile Fidelity and Analogue Productions version of Dave Brubeck Time Out (I know that both had excellent original analog master tapes).
I look forward to all your thoughts on this.
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happy you like DG...I've been a fan for decades. He's in my top five all time horn players. BTW, I don't do vinyl any more.

Discogs would be my suggestion as that will give you all the versions, dates produced and from what country. also will let you buy from someone right there. 


Thanks glennewdick. I'm familiar with and have bought from discogs.  And I already checked the versions available for this.  Discogs doesn't tell me what I'm asking here, though. 
I do not know this particular recording, but have others on original jazzland and prestige and the 1980s vintage “original jazz classics” (OJC) pressings. In general, the OJCs sound good, but when compared to an original, it’s no contest... sounds like someone threw cheese cloth over the speakers for the OJCs. I can’t speak to the recent issue, but if it is not on a label that is known to be good (e.g. music matters) and is some searching can’t produce details about the sourcing of the masters and the cutting chain, be wary.

whether the original is worth 50 bucks, that’s up to you and how badly you want the best sounding pressing....