The Remodel is Complete Need a Little help

Wasn't sure where to put this.

We just completed putting hardwood flooring in the listening room along with new trim, paint and 2 new doors for sound isolation from the front of the house.

My room is 11 x 23 with painted panneled walls and now the hardwood floor. The setup will go on the long wall this time. I know this will now be a live room.

My question is other than throw rugs and wall hangings what are your sugestions for room acoustic treatments. Due to the room design no treatments can go on the short walls. I also have 2 doors on the long back wall at each end. Therefore no rear corner treatment is possible.

I have been without my system for 5 weeks now talk about withdrawal. Due to schedueling it will probably be another 2 weeks before it is setup again.

Your help is appreciated.

I have a similar shaped room. First, print the frequency graph from Rives website (you have to look around the site, the graph is hard to find)and map the room using stereophile test disc #2 (or Rives own disc). It's pretty simple, no aerospace degree required. Once you have your room mapped you'll have a better idea how much treatment you need. If you can afford it, call Rives with your info and let them help you tune your room. If not, retesting while you reposition your speakers, listening position etc can help focus your sound quite a bit. This all takes some time so grab a dedicated friend and your favorite adult beverage and have at it.
Despite not having been able to hear your system in such a long time, you must be pretty damn happy and excited by the remodeling results.

Having never gone through what you have and just plain not knowing any better, I think I would set everything up and have a listen first before assuming anything is wrong with the room. Setting it up along the long wall seems to be a good start.

Also, is this a system and an assembly of components you're very familiar with? The same system from a different room? If so, I'd definitely set them up and have a good listen. Since you know this gear and know exactly how it should sound and what you like, you should be able to identify any abnormalities once you have it set up and cranking.

Forget, by-the-book. You're a man, damnit! You don't need no stinking manuals or plans! Do it caveman style!