The REL Strata III

I was wondering if the REL Stata III is realy as good as the magazines say. Do some of you experienced the Strata III? And what is your opinion? IS it good with movies(Dolby Digital 5.1)?? Is it able to shake the room?
Yes, it is as good as you have heard. It is the only sub I have ever heard that was as fast as the mains. I have the REL Strata II and love it. The connection from the speaker mains is part of the reason for its good sound. The Strata III sounds almost the same except that bass is a bit tighter. Read the review at the REL website of the II and apply that to the III. I might consider selling my Strata II. I would upgrate to the Storm. Let me know if you are interested. Don't even waste time looking around, buy the REL. [email protected]