The Red Green Tinnitus reducer

Okay, no duct tape but still a little wacky. Since we just had an interesting thread, I thought I'd follow up with this one. I'm wondering if any of you have discovered the same thing or if it's just me. I've had tinnitus for the last ten years. I would not consider it a severe case, albeit significant. Not sure if this is always accompanied by hearing loss but in my case it is due to abuse. I've never made a connection between my tinnitus and itchiness and am still not sure there is one. I'm speaking strictly of the outer ear, nothing to do with my ear canal. I have a constant itch deep in the flesh of my ears, not just surface. The central location is about 2/3 up the outer rim and about 1/4"-1/2" in. Constantly relieving this itch has become almost second nature.
One day while listening to my system I accidentally stumbled on a strange and pleasant phenomenon. Reaching up to relieve my itch while turning to look out my front window and thus focusing the ear in question solely in the direction of the sound, I experienced a marked transitional increase in fidelity. This just blew me away. Not only that, but I also noticed an incidental decrease in my tinnitus simultaneously when experimenting. As I stated, this itch is deep in the flesh of my ears so simply scratching doesn't change anything. I sometimes, not always, pinch said area quite hard between thumb and forefinger with shifting motion. It was during one of those moments this happened. It seems to be pressure that causes it. I have verified it over and over and it is real. Just to clarify, I don't sit clinging to my ears in front of my system. For the most part I consider it a novelty. But it wouldn't take much to build a pair of cool punk clamps for your ears:)
So do any of you out there relate to this? Or willing to discover you do?
Luckily, for me, I don't have your problem but I'm happy you've found a cure, of sorts. It's similar to my astigmatism as when I apply pressure to the outside of my eye, it sometimes clears up my vision significantly. More so in the past than now and not as often but it still works.

Knowing what you now know, a specialist should be able to zoom in on just what may be the problem and go a long way towards helping you. I wish you the best as I don't want to see you going around wearing punk clamps, even if they are cool. :-)

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There are many acupuncture points in the ear. There is a point to reduce pressure in your head along with dizzyness.
A possible explaination?
I do squeeze these points for medical reasons, but never tried it during listening sessions.
Yes do look into acupuncture or acupressure which you can perform yourself.
I haven't ever been to a hearing center to check my hearing as I'm not fond of hearing bad news. I suppose it's about time though.

Never thought of acupuncture. Possibly a joint venture with my wife; her for dizziness and me for when I'm about to explode. I'll tell her we're doing it to improve our hearing;)
I too suffer from tinnitus and itchiness in one ear.Mine itches because of fluid buildup,and comes and goes.Antibiotic ear drops for a day or two clear it right up.Best of luck to you!
Tinnitus is often associated with neurotoxicity. In many cases this is caused by so-called silver amalgam fillings that are 50% mercury.
I haven't heard the neurotoxicity thing before. Nothing on the mayo clinic website about that.

I have tinnitus. It was an on and off thing for years and now it's a 24/7 chorus of crickets. Luckily I enjoy camping. lol Tinnitus effects one out of five people. I don't try any whacky things to fix it. The music works just fine.

... "the neurotoxicity thing"? It's a no-brainer. Pun intended.

The Mayo Clinic? Ya gotta be joking. Do you have a history of silver amalgam fillings?
It's alive! I should have mentioned on the other thread that I also have tinnitus along with the pain but still have a good grip on higher frequencies.
Sabai, I didn't know. I'm sure my fillings are amalgam. Do you know if they're expensive to remove and replace with composite?
Do you really want to go to a cheap dentist?

If they are silver colored they are so-called silver amalgam fillings -- which are are actually 50% mercury. They should be called mercury fillings. That's The Big Dental Lie. Sitting 2 inches from the brain they are not only associated with tinnitus and migraine headaches, they are also associated with all the major childhood and adult neurological conditions. Unless they are removed by a mercury-free dentist using a special mercury filtration system you will be far more mercury toxic after removal than before due to inhaling deadly mercury vapor.
In most cases, tinnitus is related to noise-induced hearing loss, having nothing to do with amalgam fillings or other toxins. Its not uncommon for people with tinnitus to have sensory abnormalities involving the external ear and canal, such as feelings of fullness or stuffiness. I suspect that the itch that you experience is the result of damage to the sensory organ of the ear. An analogy would be referred pain, which is pain that is experience at a site removed from the actual site of injury.

Silver amalgam fillings are 50% mercury -- the most powerful neurotoxin on the planet. They are indeed directly associated with many cases of tinnitus -- although this may not be widely recognized.
Well I have zero pain and there's no cure and not much has been proven. I'm not a doctor or scientist so that's all I can offer. I'm sure there's much debate about it.

If you get the fillings replaced by a mercury-free dentist using a special mercury filtration system, and then detoxify the mercury that remains in the organs (including the brain), you can greatly reduce if not eliminate tinnitus that is caused by so-called silver amalgam fillings that are actually 50% mercury.
Look at the Wikipedia definition of "dysesthesia". Nobody would deny that mercury is toxic. But there is no reason to think that mercury fillings selectively affect the ears. In any case, I suspect a simple audiogram would resolve the issue.

Mercury fillings do not "selectively affect the ears". I did not say that and I did not imply that. Mercury fillings are associated with a wide variety of neurological conditions including tinnitus -- and including many much more serious neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, autism and epilepsy -- to name a few.

By the way, Wikipedia is full of disinformation about neurological conditions -- and many other matters, as well.